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Clayton State University    
Group ID: G-557 (AAS)
Date of first monitoring event: 01/16/2007


"Inactive" sites have not had events submitted within the past 365 days. If new events are submitted they will become active.

#Site IDWaterbody NameEventsDatesExcel
1 S-826Tributary of Panther Creek2701/16/2007-07/16/2019
2 S-827Tributary of Panther Creek1806/08/2007-09/09/2014
3 S-862Big Cotton Indian Creek202/20/2007-02/20/2007
4 S-863Panther Creek at Maddox Park701/23/2007-10/07/2009
5 S-865Martin Creekat Hidden Valley1006/12/2007-09/30/2014
6 S-866Big Cotton Indian Creek1002/06/2007-03/19/2010
7 S-867Tributary of Alexanders Lake406/28/2007-02/25/2008
8 S-868tributary of Brush Creek1006/14/2007-03/16/2011
9 S-1258Pates Creek at Pates Creek Park206/17/2009-06/17/2009
10 S-1259Jesters Creek at Southlake Mall206/24/2009-06/24/2009
11 S-1260Big Spring Creek206/29/2009-06/29/2009
12 S-1455Angel Creek3202/19/2010-11/06/2023
13 S-1456Crooked Creek402/26/2010-03/02/2011
14 S-2296Jesters Creek at Lake City Hall703/23/2011-09/16/2014
15 S-2297Rum Creek at Monkey Island204/13/2011-04/13/2011
16 S-2496Grape Creek at Griffin-Spalding Library206/22/2012-06/22/2012
17 S-2819Grape Creek at Griffin Golf Course312/13/2012-12/13/2012
18 S-5530South River @ Southtown Trail Bridge110/07/2019-10/07/2019
19 S-5531South River @ Glenway Drive110/07/2019-10/07/2019
20 S-5532South River @ Norman Berry and Calhoun110/07/2019-10/07/2019
21 S-6650South River at River Park0-
22 S-6651South River at Tift Site0-
23 S-6652Storm Drain at South River Headwaters0-
24 S-6653South River at East Point Housing0-
25 S-7527Burnt Fork Creek307/16/2022-09/02/2023
26 S-7528Smith Creek103/19/2022-03/19/2022
27 S-7529Smith Creek103/19/2022-03/19/2022
28 S-7530Sweetwater Creek Tributary105/07/2022-05/07/2022
29 S-7531Clearing at Sweetwater Creek105/07/2022-05/07/2022
30 S-7532North Ivy Creek105/02/2022-05/02/2022
31 S-7533South Ivy Creek105/02/2022-05/02/2022
32 S-7536Alatoona Creek at Kemp Park107/08/2022-07/08/2022
33 S-7537Allatoona Tributary at Bench107/08/2022-07/08/2022
34 S-7538East Bank Trail at Burnt Fork Creek207/16/2022-07/15/2023
Total Monitoring Events: 160