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Watershed: Upper Chattahoochee River Watershed 62 Sites

# Group ID #Events Site Name
16 Amy K. S-7694 2 Sewell Mill Creek
27 Anne Ledbetter S-2500 2 Poplar Creek
8 Archer HS Environmental Club S-7663 1 Tribble Creek at Archer HS
36 Bet Haverim, Haverim Beyachad S-1180 3 South Fork Peachtree Creek
59 Bushart S-2585 5 Upper Chattahoochee River Watershed
14 Captain Creek S-7759 2 Paces Mill
1 Chattahoochee Stream Stewards S-5391 1 Haw Creek
13 Chattahoochee Stream Stewards S-7719 2 Crooked Creek @ Holcomb Bridge
20 Chattahoochee Stream Stewards S-7164 2 Cabin Creek-CRNRA
23 Chattahoochee Stream Stewards S-5399 2 Beech Creek
24 Chattahoochee Stream Stewards S-5400 2 Summerbrook Creek
25 Chattahoochee Stream Stewards S-5401 2 Island Ford Pond Outlet
60 Chattahoochee Stream Stewards S-6758 5 Gold Branch Creek
37 Chattahoochee Stream Stewards S-5402 3 Coyote Creek (Hewlett Creek)
44 Chattahoochee Stream Stewards S-7570 3 Mountain Heath Creek above Riverview Road
54 Cookie S-7549 4 Sewell Mill Creek at East Cobb Park Bridge
30 Crooked Branch S-2019 2 Crooked Branch
7 Dewberry S-7328 1 North Fork Peachtree Creek upstream of confluence with Henderson Mill Creek
3 Eco-Avengers (HMS) S-4594 1 Noth East Fork of Peachtree Creek
40 Fox Creek Drive in Rain Tree Forrest Marietta S-7314 3 Running Fox Drive, Marietta
47 Freedom Mill Creekers S-7764 4 baldridge Creek
28 Friends of Mulberry Creek S-387 2 Mulberry Creek
31 Friends of Peachtree Hills Park S-2033 2 Peachtree Hills Park
18 Friends of Peachtree Hills Park S-7603 2 Hurst Drive Entrance Peachtree Hills Park Creek
38 Gram's Collins Gals S-5482 3 Creek between Chimney Springs and Creekstone Way
55 Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources S-4691 4 Cedar Creek at Cedars Rd SE
49 Joseph S-7624 4 A stream fed from Thompson Lake and feeding into Sewell Mill Creek
43 Keep Smyrna Beautiful Adopt-A-Stream (KSBAAS) S-7363 3 Poplar Creek
56 Keep Smyrna Beautiful Adopt-A-Stream (KSBAAS) S-1955 4 Poplar Creek
2 Keep Smyrna Beautiful Adopt-A-Stream (KSBAAS) S-3269 1 Lake Park Drive
53 KFCB-1 S-7372 4 Big Creek @ Castelberry Road
12 Mason Mill Naturalist Program S-7837 1 South Fork Peachtree Creek
21 Mason Mill Naturalist Program S-7232 2 Burnt Fork at Mason Mill Park
19 MLB JC S-7396 2 Johns Creek
17 Oglethorpe University S-7565 2 OgleCreek
61 Oglethorpe University S-7710 8 Petey Creek
15 Old Rucker Farm S-7786 2 Old Rucker Farm Stream
10 Peachtree Creek Greenway S-7802 1 N. Fork of Peachtree Creek
45 Peachtree Creek Greenway S-7818 3 N Fork of Peachtree Creek at Fisher Trail Park
48 Peachtree Forest Lake Owners S-7621 4 Peachtree Forest Lake
26 Piedmont University S-1858 2 Camp Creek
62 Sagamore Hills S-5514 10 Near Sagamore Hills Elementary
35 Salty S-2394 3 Sope Creek
50 Sewell@McGarity S-7643 4 McGarity Branch
51 Sewell@McGarity S-7644 4 Sewell Mill above McGarity
52 Sewell@McGarity S-7645 4 Sewell Mill below McGarity
57 Sierra Club Cobb Centennial Group S-704 4 Rottenwood Creek
41 Sope Creek Stewards S-7519 3 Sope Creek near Cross Creek Mill Ruins
42 Sope Creek Stewards S-7526 3 Sibley Pond at Sope Creek Park
11 Sope Creek-er S-7826 1 Sope Creek besides Holt Road
39 Thompsonc S-4756 3 Yellow River Park, 3374 Juhan Rd, Stone Mountain
9 Treefamily S-7800 1 creek running into pond in my backyard
29 Tritt River Kids S-837 2 Chimney Springs Creek
46 Underwood Hills AaS S-6932 4 up stream Trib of Peachtree Creek
32 Upper Chattahoochee Trout Unlimited S-2370 2 Crooked Creek
33 Upper Chattahoochee Trout Unlimited S-2372 2 Marlborough Creek
34 Upper Chattahoochee Trout Unlimited S-2388 2 Johns Creek
22 Upper Chattahoochee Trout Unlimited S-6641 2 Crayfish Creek Site "C"
5 Upper Chattahoochee Trout Unlimited S-6948 1 Crayfish Creek Site "A"
6 Upper Chattahoochee Trout Unlimited S-6642 1 Crayfish Creek Site "B"
58 Village North Highlands Subdivision S-2461 4 Tributary of Willeo Creek
4 Willeo Creek at Rivaridge Drive S-6944 1 Tributary of Willeo Creek