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Crooked Branch [S-2019] is one of 1 sites monitored by Group [ G-1493] Crooked Branch

Site Description: This site is within 10 feet downstream from the junction of 2 small woodland branches in the SE quarter of Land Lot 221

Special Information:This is a small spring fed woodland watershed that is contained within Hyde Farm and is part of the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area. This area receives no suburban or impervious surface runoff.

This site has 105 recorded monitoring events.

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       At a glance
Site: Crooked Branch [S-2019]
Group: [G-1493] Crooked Branch
Lat, Long: 33.9613 , -84.389
Altitude: 250 meters ( 820 feet )
Watershed: Upper Chattahoochee River Watershed
City: Marietta, Georgia
County: Cobb
Events: 105
First sampled: 02/27/2011
Local Coordinator: