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County: DeKalb 13 Sites

# Group ID #Events Site Name
9 Bet Haverim, Haverim Beyachad S-1180 3 South Fork Peachtree Creek
3 City of Stone Mountain S-7804 1 Barbashela Creek
5 Dewberry S-7328 1 North Fork Peachtree Creek upstream of confluence with Henderson Mill Creek
1 Eco-Avengers (HMS) S-4594 1 Noth East Fork of Peachtree Creek
6 Mason Mill Naturalist Program S-7837 2 South Fork Peachtree Creek
7 Mason Mill Naturalist Program S-7232 3 Burnt Fork at Mason Mill Park
11 Oglethorpe University S-7565 4 OgleCreek
12 Oglethorpe University S-7710 8 Petey Creek
8 Peachtree Creek Greenway S-7818 3 N Fork of Peachtree Creek at Fisher Trail Park
2 Peachtree Creek Greenway S-7802 1 N. Fork of Peachtree Creek
13 Sagamore Hills S-5514 10 Near Sagamore Hills Elementary
4 Smoke Rise S-7806 1 Stone Mountain Creek at Silver Hill
10 Yellow River Water Trail-Gwinnett S-6829 4 Yellow River - Norris Lake Dr.