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Angel Creek [S-1455] is one of 34 sites monitored by Group [ G-557] Clayton State University

Site Description: Angel Creek, near Boardwalk Trail just west of the Outdoor Classroom, Reynolds Nature Preserve, Morrow, Clayton County, Georgia. UTM Zone 16 745927E 3721128N. MGRS 16S GC 4592721128.

This site has 32 recorded monitoring events.

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       At a glance
Site: Angel Creek [S-1455]
Group: [G-557] Clayton State University
Lat, Long: 33.6011 , -84.3498
Altitude: 291 meters ( 955 feet )
Watershed: Upper Flint River Watershed
City: Morrow, Georgia
County: Clayton
Events: 32
First sampled: 02/19/2010
Local Coordinator: