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Watershed: Etowah River Watershed 68 Sites

# Group ID #Events Site Name
25 Adopt-A-Stream at KSU S-7408 3 Noonday Creek trail
3 Allatoona Creek Park Survey S-6795 1 Allatoona Creek - Mason Bridge
8 Amy K. S-7497 1 Rubes Creek
39 Angie's Northeast Cobb Streams S-5287 8 Mark Avenue
21 Ball Ground Streamers S-7153 3 Tributary 1 to Long Swamp Creek
59 Bent Tree StreamKeepers S-7470 13 Lake Tamarack Outlet
63 Bent Tree StreamKeepers S-5484 16 Long Swamp Creek at Memorial Garden Trail
64 Bent Tree StreamKeepers S-5485 19 Mulligans Creek
65 Bent Tree StreamKeepers S-5486 19 Coffey Cove Creek
66 Bent Tree StreamKeepers S-7249 19 lower Sallie Doss Stream
67 Bent Tree StreamKeepers S-5483 20 Long Swamp Creek at Beaver Run Trail
42 Beving on Allatoona S-5243 9 Allatoona Lake Across From Dallas Landing
57 Big Canoe S-4965 12 #5a Disharoon Creek
17 Blanket's Creek Project S-2065 3 Blanket's Creek
51 Butler Creek Kennesaw S-2006 11 Southern Tributary of Butler Creek
52 Butler Creek Kennesaw S-5503 11 Butler Creek @ Mack Dobbs Road
43 Butler Creek Kennesaw S-6752 9 Proctor Creek at Legacy Park Amphitheater
60 Cobb PD Community Affairs Unit S-7319 15 Proctor Creek at Kenworth Park
61 Cobb PD Community Affairs Unit S-7323 15 Butler Creek behind NCC
14 Compass Prep S-7310 2 Tributary of Avery Creek
12 Duck Duck Goose S-7440 2 "Oregon Park Stream"
41 Earth First S-4967 9 Noonday Creek south of New Chastain Rd.
53 Good Guy Greg S-6884 11 Huddlestone Bridge Neighborhood stream
32 H2 Crew S-7379 5 Little River tributary of Lake Allatoona.
33 John Keiler S-3982 5 Branch of Tributary to Allatoona
49 jop S-3686 11 jonstream
40 Kiwanis Club of Forsyth County S-7378 8 Settingdown Creek at Pools Mill Bridge
58 Lake Sovereign S-6866 13 Lake Sovereign - CHD
68 Lakewood Colony S-869 24 Detention pond on tributary of Rubes Creek
38 Lassiter High School APES classes S-1872 7 Rube's Creek
31 Leita Thompson Park S-7406 4 Leita Park Stream near Bridge 2
34 McCleskey Middle School S-692 5 Tributary to Rubes Creek
45 Mighty Mustangs S-7329 10 Proctor Creek
46 Mighty Mustangs S-7349 10 Proctor Creek
9 Mountain Park Watershed Preservation Society S-7504 1 Indian Creek at Mountain Park Road
16 Reinhardt University Allied Health Club S-1967 2 Moore's Mill Creek
20 Reinhardt University Allied Health Club S-4923 3 Moore's Mill Creek
48 Richard's Creek S-3496 11 tributary of Allatoona Creek
54 River Runners of Ball Ground S-6745 11 Etowah at River House near Airport Dr
55 River Runners of Ball Ground S-6750 11 Creek at River House near Airport Dr
56 Roberts Rockets S-6899 12 Tributary off Possum Creek Mount Tabor Park
13 Stobo and co. S-7474 2 Tanyard Creek
62 The Longos S-7357 15 Picketts Mill Creek
44 Toonigh Neighbors S-154 10 Toonigh Creek
47 Upper Etowah Alliance AAS S-7209 11 Lake Allatoona - JD's by the Lake
50 Upper Etowah Alliance AAS S-3721 11 Canton Creek
1 Upper Etowah Alliance AAS S-3426 1 Gober Beach, Etowah River
2 Upper Etowah Alliance AAS S-5505 1 Etowah River
15 Upper Etowah Alliance AAS S-3427 2 Shoal Creek at Moores Mill Bridge, Hwy108/Fincher
18 Upper Etowah Alliance AAS S-2473 3 tributary to Canton Creek
19 Upper Etowah Alliance AAS S-1235 3 Canton Creek
10 Upper Etowah Alliance AAS S-7506 1 Etowah River at Kelly Bridge Canoe and Kayak Launch
11 Upper Etowah Alliance AAS S-7507 1 Amicalola River at Edge of the World
4 Upper Etowah Alliance AAS S-7277 1 Etowah River at Hightower Church Rd.
5 Upper Etowah Alliance AAS S-7278 1 Etowah River at Hwy. 9
6 Upper Etowah Alliance AAS S-7279 1 Etowah River at Castleberry Bridge Rd.
7 Upper Etowah Alliance AAS S-7275 1 Settingdown Creek at Poole's Mill Park
26 Upper Etowah Alliance AAS S-7498 3 Jug Creek
22 Upper Etowah Alliance AAS S-7182 3 ET1 - Etowah River
23 Upper Etowah Alliance AAS S-7183 3 ET2 - Etowah River @ Eagles Beak
24 Upper Etowah Alliance AAS S-7184 3 ET3 - Etowah River at Hwy 9
35 Upper Etowah Alliance AAS S-2937 5 unnamed tributary to Etowah River
28 Upper Etowah Alliance AAS S-7198 4 Settingdown Creek
29 Upper Etowah Alliance AAS S-7276 4 Downing Creek at Barnett Park
30 Upper Etowah Alliance AAS S-6963 4 Lewis Park creek - tributary to Lake Allatoona
27 Water Trooper S-7415 4 Oregon Park
36 Weatherstone Subdivision S-6946 6 Tributary of Little River Near Weatherstone
37 Weatherstone Subdivision S-6947 6 Tributary of Little River Near Weatherstone