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Watershed: Upper Flint River Watershed 11 Sites

# Group ID #Events Site Name
4 Broken Arrow S-5380 2 White Oak Creek at Flint River
5 Broken Arrow S-5382 2 Red Oak Creek at Covered Bridge
1 Broken Arrow S-5390 1 Flat Creek at Historic Blanton Mill
2 Broken Arrow S-5403 1 Wildcat Creek at Moon Rd. Bridge
11 Broken Arrow S-5381 3 Whitewater Creek at Starr's Mill
3 Clayton State University S-1455 1 Angel Creek
6 Flint Riverkeeper S-5455 2 Potato Creek Pobiddy Rd
7 Flint Riverkeeper S-5456 2 Town Branch Creek
8 Flint Riverkeeper S-5457 2 Bell Creek
9 Flint Riverkeeper S-5459 2 Flint River Pobiddy Rd
10 Flint Riverkeeper S-6723 2 Un-named trib of Town Branch at West Main