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County: Fulton 17 Sites

# Group ID #Events Site Name
1 Berkeley Here I Come S-1243 1 Fo Killer Creek
9 Chattahoochee Stream Stewards S-5399 2 Beech Creek
10 Chattahoochee Stream Stewards S-5400 2 Summerbrook Creek
11 Chattahoochee Stream Stewards S-5401 2 Island Ford Pond Outlet
6 Chattahoochee Stream Stewards S-7570 1 Mountain Heath Creek above Riverview Road
15 Chattahoochee Stream Stewards S-5402 3 Coyote Creek (Hewlett Creek)
3 EPDTEST S-6658 1 Test site by EPDIT
12 Friends of Peachtree Hills Park S-2033 2 Peachtree Hills Park
7 Leita Thompson Park S-7406 2 Leita Park Stream near Bridge 2
17 MLB JC S-7395 4 Johns Creek
4 MLB JC S-7396 1 Johns Creek
16 Mountain Park Watershed Preservation Society S-7504 3 Indian Creek at Mountain Park Road
5 Mud Puppies S-7554 1 Nancy Creek at Windsor Meadows Park
8 Underwood Hills AaS S-6932 2 up stream Trib of Peachtree Creek
2 Upper Chattahoochee Trout Unlimited S-2388 1 Johns Creek
13 Upper Chattahoochee Trout Unlimited S-2368 2 Ball Mill Creek
14 Upper Chattahoochee Trout Unlimited S-2372 2 Marlborough Creek