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Watershed: Upper Ocmulgee River Watershed 9 Sites

# Group ID #Events Site Name
5 East Point Environmental Collective S-6764 1 South River in Jefferson Park
9 East Point Environmental Collective S-5557 3 South River stream flowing through Brookdale Park
7 GC Journeys S-6917 1 Garner Creek at Cedar Creek Crossing
8 GCB Green Youth Advisory Council S-6920 1 Camp Creek
1 Martins S-3800 1 Yellow River
4 WesNettleton S-5414 1 Big Haynes Creek at Hillisde Commons
2 Yellow River Water Trail-Gwinnett S-3979 1 Yellow River-Five Forks Trickum Bridge
3 Yellow River Water Trail-Gwinnett S-5362 1 Watson Creek at Rivermist Dr
6 Yellow River Water Trail-Gwinnett S-6829 1 Yellow River - Norris Lake Dr.