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Watershed: Upper Ocmulgee River Watershed 37 Sites

# Group ID #Events Site Name
12 Birdsong Subdivision S-7342 4 Cobbs Creek at Alverado Way
6 City of Conyers S-7413 2 Almand Creek
10 East Point Environmental Collective S-5557 3 South River stream flowing through Brookdale Park
31 East Point Environmental Collective S-6764 7 South River in Jefferson Park
37 EPDTEST S-6658 20 Test site by EPDIT
2 Exploring Nature Together Nature School S-7312 1 Pates Creek at Jodeco Road
34 Fran Darnall S-7335 7 Shoal Creek at Rhodes Jordan Park
8 Friends School of Atlanta 5th Grade S-4459 2 Unnamed Tributary to Shoal Creek
20 Hales Trace S-7205 5 Hale Creek
24 High Falls Lake Association S-1386 6 Brushy Creek
25 High Falls Lake Association S-1387 6 Tow
26 High Falls Lake Association S-1389 6 Mid Lake [High Falls Lake]
27 High Falls Lake Association S-1390 6 Light Line
28 High Falls Lake Association S-1385 7 Buck Creek
30 Jackson Feeder Creek S-7216 7 Jackson feeder creek
11 Jackson Lake Homeowners Association S-5197 4 Rocky Creek
13 Jackson Lake Homeowners Association S-4617 4 Scout Island
14 Jackson Lake Homeowners Association S-3951 4 Alcovy River at FFA Camp
16 Jackson Lake Homeowners Association S-5057 5 Tussahaw Creek at Blackberry Rd
17 Jackson Lake Homeowners Association S-3324 5 Yellow River North of hwy 36 Bridge
36 Jackson Lake Homeowners Association S-3306 11 South River North of Hwy 36 Bridge SRB-36
7 Martins S-3800 2 Yellow River
1 Newman Wetland Center S-7311 1 Pate's Creek Above Blalock
4 Patricia Gherman S-7348 1 tributary of Little Suwanne Creek
23 Stone Mountain Park Education Department S-2443 6 Beaver Creek
5 Streamy Love Affair S-7374 1 South River
35 Tapestry Community S-1429 8 Intrenchment creek
29 Tapestry Community S-3825 7 Entrenchment Beaver Pond
21 The Kenilworth Lake Effects S-3815 6 Kenilworth Lake
15 Thompsonc S-3117 4 Yellow River
33 WesNettleton S-5414 7 Big Haynes Creek at Hillisde Commons
32 Yellow River Water Trail-Gwinnett S-6829 7 Yellow River - Norris Lake Dr.
22 Yellow River Water Trail-Gwinnett S-3979 6 Yellow River-Five Forks Trickum Bridge
18 Yellow River Water Trail-Gwinnett S-3838 5 Yellow River-Ross Rd/Vecoma
19 Yellow River Water Trail-Gwinnett S-5362 5 Watson Creek at Rivermist Dr
3 Yellow River Water Trail-Gwinnett S-7334 1 Yellow River at GA-20 bridge
9 Yellow River Water Trail-Gwinnett S-7333 3 Yellow River at Pleasant Hill Rd bridge