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Yellow River-Ross Rd/Vecoma [S-3838] is one of 8 sites monitored by Group [ G-2106] Yellow River Water Trail-Gwinnett

Site Description: Testing site is on county property appx 50 yds upriver from Vecoma---follow path to the rock outcrop for testing. Parking is permissable at Vecoma (private) provided no events are in progress, otherwise walk the County driveway.

This site has 92 recorded monitoring events.

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Site: Yellow River-Ross Rd/Vecoma [S-3838]
Group: [G-2106] Yellow River Water Trail-Gwinnett
Lat, Long: 33.8301 , -84.0814
Altitude: 244 meters ( 801 feet )
Watershed: Upper Ocmulgee River Watershed
City: Snellville, Georgia
County: Gwinnett
Events: 92
First sampled: 07/10/2015
Local Coordinator: