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County: Gwinnett 22 Sites

# Group ID #Events Site Name
7 Clean and Beautiful S-6740 1 Sims Lake at Suwanee Dam Road
14 Clean and Beautiful S-6869 2 Level Creek at 1st Ave
15 Clean and Beautiful S-6870 2 Level Creek at Pinecrest Dr
16 Clean and Beautiful S-6871 2 Level Creek at Spring Hill Dr
17 Clean and Beautiful S-6887 2 Level Creek near Gold Mine Dr
4 Crane Creek Conservancy S-4978 1 Tributary at Mariray Court
19 Garner Creek Ambassadors S-5281 2 Garner Creek at Cole overpass
9 GC Journeys S-6917 1 Garner Creek at Cedar Creek Crossing
10 GCB Green Youth Advisory Council S-6920 1 Camp Creek
3 Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources S-4691 1 Cedar Creek at Cedars Rd SE
8 Gwinnett County Sierra Club S-1203 1 Suwanee Creek
13 Martins S-3800 2 Yellow River
22 Thompsonc S-4756 2 Yellow River Park, 3374 Juhan Rd, Stone Mountain
18 Timber Ridge S-5177 2 Timber Ridge Disappearing Spring
11 Upper Chattahoochee Trout Unlimited S-6948 1 Crayfish Creek Site "A"
12 Upper Chattahoochee Trout Unlimited S-2370 2 Crooked Creek
5 Upper Chattahoochee Trout Unlimited S-6641 1 Crayfish Creek Site "C"
6 Upper Chattahoochee Trout Unlimited S-6642 1 Crayfish Creek Site "B"
21 WesNettleton S-5414 2 Big Haynes Creek at Hillisde Commons
20 Yellow River Water Trail-Gwinnett S-5362 2 Watson Creek at Rivermist Dr
1 Yellow River Water Trail-Gwinnett S-3838 1 Yellow River-Ross Rd/Vecoma
2 Yellow River Water Trail-Gwinnett S-3979 1 Yellow River-Five Forks Trickum Bridge