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#Site IDWaterbody NameEventsDatesExcel
1 S-1505Tanyard Creek at Tanyard Creek Park51901/21/2010-12/07/2023
2 S-1535Garrards Landing, Holcomb Bridge, Roswell506/05/2010-04/17/2014
3 S-1564Proctor Creek at Center Hill Park505/15/2010-04/28/2016
4 S-1750Proctor Creek at Donald Lee Hallowell Pkwy29707/07/2010-10/19/2023
5 S-1828North Branch Peachtree Creek409/11/2010-12/01/2011
6 S-1870Rottonwood creek204/24/2010-02/08/2017
7 S-1941North Peachtree Creek at Lindberg11501/27/2010-08/22/2023
8 S-1942Peachtree Creek at Northside Drive41310/28/2010-12/14/2023
9 S-1948Powers Island604/16/2011-04/21/2016
10 S-1991Azalea Park1004/16/2011-10/18/2018
11 S-2274North Peachtree Creek at Buford Hwy910/09/2011-04/01/2015
12 S-2732Proctor Creek110/02/2012-03/06/2014
13 S-2775Chattahoochee River at Veterans Memorial Br.3407/19/2012-01/04/2019
14 S-2776Sope Creek at Columns Dr.4711/15/2012-06/29/2023
15 S-3173South Fork Peachtree Creek at Old Briarcliff Rd11411/14/2013-11/08/2018
16 S-3210South Fork Peachtree Creek at Houston Mill1201/23/2014-06/19/2017
17 S-3255Cascade Springs Nature Preserve27304/24/2013-12/14/2023
18 S-3645Sweetwater Creek306/05/2014-09/07/2017
19 S-3927Tanyard Creek at Ardmore Park105/11/2015-08/15/2015
20 S-1526Belton to Lula Bridge108/07/2010-08/07/2010
21 S-1565Proctor Creek204/17/2010-02/25/2012
22 S-1566Proctor Creek104/17/2010-04/17/2010
23 S-1571Section 1 Upper Chattahoochee River104/03/2010-04/03/2010
24 S-1572Section 2- 255 to 115107/18/2010-07/18/2010
25 S-1574Soque River Canon Rd207/31/2010-08/06/2011
26 S-1749Whitewater Park208/01/2010-12/11/2010
27 S-1819Settles to Abbotts108/21/2010-08/21/2010
28 S-1871Chattahoochee River410/18/2010-06/22/2015
29 S-1887Section 3 upper Chattahoochee108/25/2010-08/25/2010
30 S-1982McGinnis Ferry204/16/2011-05/22/2014
31 S-1983Island Ford104/16/2011-04/16/2011
32 S-1984Gold Branch212/17/2010-04/16/2011
33 S-1985Johnson Ferry104/16/2011-04/16/2011
34 S-1986Bowmans Island104/16/2011-04/16/2011
35 S-1987Whitewater Creek104/16/2011-04/16/2011
36 S-1988Settles Bridge204/16/2011-04/14/2012
37 S-1989Jones Bridge404/16/2011-05/04/2014
38 S-1990Garrad Landing304/16/2011-07/12/2015
39 S-2397lake lanier islands312/10/2011-11/28/2013
40 S-2620Garrards Landing408/10/2012-05/04/2013
41 S-2621Van Pugh Park Lake Lanier107/20/2012-07/20/2012
42 S-3256Don Carter State Park111/02/2013-11/02/2013
43 S-3257Buzzard Roost Island111/02/2013-11/02/2013
44 S-3258West Point Lake109/28/2013-09/28/2013
45 S-3259Chattahoochee Bend State Park104/13/2013-04/13/2013
46 S-3262LaGrange College108/26/2013-08/26/2013
47 S-3263Douglas County106/12/2013-06/12/2013
48 S-3502Abbotts to Medlock109/05/2014-09/05/2014
49 S-3646Riverside Park106/24/2014-06/24/2014
50 S-390970 river miles with Atlanta being Central104/11/2015-04/11/2015
51 S-3910Plant McDonough to Hwy 166105/16/2015-05/16/2015
52 S-1508Proctor Creek at Francis Place5202/04/2010-11/02/2022
53 S-1751Proctor Creek at Northwest Drive29607/07/2010-06/15/2023
54 S-1759Ansley Park Tributary to Clear Creek3408/12/2010-05/11/2017
55 S-1760Nancy Creek at Ashford Dunwoody Road8902/17/2010-07/06/2022
56 S-1940South Peachtree Creek at Briarcliff Road7611/18/2010-03/21/2019
57 S-1943Nickajack Creek at Discovery Blvd16312/02/2010-12/14/2023
58 S-1944Nancy Creek at Randall Mill Road44412/09/2010-12/07/2023
59 S-1945Burnt Fork Creek at Frazier Road21910/26/2010-09/19/2019
60 S-1946Big Creek at Chattahoochee River2509/15/2010-07/26/2016
61 S-2096Proctor Creek at Joseph E. Boone Blvd26301/06/2011-10/19/2023
62 S-2101PHENA Duck Pond East25702/17/2011-12/07/2023
63 S-2102PHENA Duck Pond West20102/17/2011-02/13/2020
64 S-2103Clear Creek at Piedmont Road19701/20/2011-04/13/2023
65 S-2118North Fork Nancy Creek at Murphy Candler Park18701/25/2011-12/14/2023
66 S-2355Beaverbrook Creek at Beaverbrook Park112/01/2011-12/01/2011
67 S-2357Beaverbrook Creek at Beaverbrook Park31812/15/2011-12/14/2023
68 S-2411Flat Creek at Industrial Blvd37502/16/2012-12/13/2023
69 S-2412Flat Creek at Dorsey Street29203/08/2012-07/27/2023
70 S-2413Flat Creek at Atlanta Hwy37102/16/2012-12/13/2023
71 S-2414Flat Creek Tributary at Dixie Drive19602/22/2012-02/16/2016
72 S-2415Flat Creek at Old Flowery Branch Road34502/16/2012-12/13/2023
73 S-2457Chattahoochee River at Roswell Road47303/29/2012-12/14/2023
74 S-2458Big Creek at Riverside Road46003/29/2012-12/14/2023
75 S-2459Willeo Creek at Willeo Rd18203/29/2012-06/09/2021
76 S-2524North Utoy Creek at Fairburn Road32707/19/2012-12/14/2023
77 S-2525South Utoy Creek at Fairburn Road33207/19/2012-12/14/2023
78 S-2660Proctor Creek at Burbank Drive24407/26/2012-02/23/2022
79 S-2728Pechtree Creek at Piedmond Road1309/27/2012-08/22/2023
80 S-2730E. Wesley Tributary at Garden Hills Park809/27/2012-11/15/2012
81 S-2731Utoy Creek at Great Southwest Pkwy32907/19/2012-12/07/2023
82 S-2758Balus Creek at Old Oakwood Rd.17409/19/2012-09/03/2019
83 S-2759Balus Creek at Mundy Mill Rd34409/19/2012-12/13/2023
84 S-2815Orme Creek at Clear Creek13012/06/2012-10/10/2018
85 S-2816Clear Creek at Daylight Tunnel21812/06/2012-12/07/2023
86 S-2875Spink-Collins Tributary9501/31/2013-06/13/2018
87 S-2877Chattahoochee River at Whittier Mill22301/24/2013-08/17/2023
88 S-2882Little Nancy Creek at N Ivy Br.12102/14/2013-10/04/2023
89 S-2889Six Springs Creek at Boardwalk19212/06/2012-12/07/2023
90 S-2919North Utoy Creek at Peyton Rd.19702/21/2013-01/27/2022
91 S-2925Sandy Creek at Bolton Rd.36503/21/2013-12/14/2023
92 S-2931Flat Creek at Georgia Ave22012/18/2012-07/27/2023
93 S-2940Niskey Lake48306/06/2013-12/14/2023
94 S-2950Sandy Creek at Waterford306/13/2013-03/15/2016
95 S-2975Proctor Creek at Grove Park17406/13/2013-06/14/2023
96 S-3008Marsh Creek at Riverside Dr.39607/11/2013-12/14/2023
97 S-3009Long Island at Northside Drive37907/11/2013-12/14/2023
98 S-3010Sandy Creek at Waterford/Old Know1506/13/2013-12/22/2016
99 S-3011Sandy Creek at Fulton Industrial2007/11/2013-09/02/2015
100 S-3085Nickajack Creek at Nickajack Park16604/11/2013-12/14/2023
101 S-3127Proctor Creek at Kerry Circle and WACS12309/24/2013-06/28/2018
102 S-3163Yellow Jacket Creek1011/01/2013-07/14/2014
103 S-3164Yellow Jacket Creek911/01/2013-07/14/2014
104 S-3170Camp Creek at Fairway Drive16212/05/2013-12/14/2023
105 S-3171South Utoy Creek at Connally Nature Park15611/20/2013-11/09/2023
106 S-3172Peavine Creek at Old Briarcliff Rd.3711/14/2013-03/28/2019
107 S-3174Proctor Creek Tributary at Lindsay St.33711/21/2013-11/10/2022
108 S-3204Flat Creek at Moreno29110/25/2013-12/13/2023
109 S-3207Peachtree Creek at Ridgewood20212/05/2013-12/07/2023
110 S-3208Nancy Creek at West Wesley Rd.22812/05/2013-12/14/2023
111 S-3209Rottenwood Creeek at Bob Callahan Trail20201/09/2014-12/07/2023
112 S-3229Proctor Creek at Hortense16201/24/2014-11/22/2022
113 S-3238Piney Woods Creek202/27/2014-12/18/2014
114 S-3261Whetstone Creek at La Dawn Lane503/20/2014-07/23/2015
115 S-3265Heards Creek at River Chase Cir3202/27/2014-01/30/2020
116 S-3302Long Cane Creek202/26/2014-03/13/2014
117 S-3303Long Cane Creek202/26/2014-03/13/2014
118 S-3331Camp Creek at Adams St2305/01/2014-01/12/2017
119 S-3333Woodall Creek at Collier Rd24105/15/2014-01/05/2022
120 S-3340Mud Creek at Stephens Road10502/14/2014-02/16/2016
121 S-3341Big Creek North Fork10402/14/2014-02/16/2016
122 S-3342Big Creek South Fork at Gainesville Hwy.12402/14/2014-02/16/2016
123 S-3343Six Mile Creek at Burruss Mill Rd.26102/14/2014-10/18/2023
124 S-3344Slaughterhouse Creek at Hollywood Ave12705/09/2014-02/22/2023
125 S-3345Longwood Park Creek at Wessell Rd.11905/09/2014-02/22/2023
126 S-3413Falling Branches Creek29607/17/2014-12/14/2023
127 S-3624Nancy Creek at Roswell Rd11207/08/2014-07/06/2022
128 S-3625Nancy Creek at Rickenbacker Dr10607/08/2014-11/19/2020
129 S-3626Mill Creek at Nancy Creek10907/08/2014-11/19/2020
130 S-3627Mill Creek at Land O Lakes Dr10807/08/2014-11/19/2020
131 S-3628North Cooper Lake Creek at Park8008/14/2014-08/17/2017
132 S-3629Sandy Creek at Baker Ridge Dr11909/18/2014-07/19/2023
133 S-3687Proctor Trib Lincoln at Spring NW5801/15/2015-11/03/2020
134 S-3688Proctor Trib Grove at North (E)2501/29/2015-12/15/2021
135 S-3689Proctor Trib AD Williams at Northwest5501/15/2015-10/06/2021
136 S-3690Proctor Creek at Westview Dr.11901/15/2015-06/14/2023
137 S-3709Proctor Tributary at Lillian Cooper Shepherd Park22602/26/2015-06/04/2020
138 S-3710Proctor Creek at James Jackson Pkwy24603/05/2015-09/21/2022
139 S-3840Sewell Mill Creek at East Cobb Park703/26/2015-06/18/2015
140 S-3841Tanyard Algae Pipe at The Reserve18003/12/2015-02/23/2023
141 S-3842Clear Creek at Brookwood16503/19/2015-01/19/2023
142 S-3843Chattahoochee River at Cochran Shoals-Powers Is.4203/02/2015-05/24/2018
143 S-3844Long Island Creek at Long Island Dr (WASS)9703/26/2015-05/24/2018
144 S-3845Long Island Creek at Kingsport Dr (WASS)10203/26/2015-05/24/2018
145 S-3846Marsh Creek at Winding Branch (WASS)18404/02/2015-12/14/2023
146 S-3847Marsh Creek at Glenridge Dr (WASS)5704/02/2015-10/12/2017
147 S-3848Marsh Creek at Roswell Rd3904/02/2015-01/10/2023
148 S-3849Proctor Tributary Lindsey at Valley of Hawks3305/12/2015-06/29/2022
149 S-3850Orme Creek at Orme Park15806/04/2015-11/21/2019
150 S-3851Peavine Creek at North Decatur7406/04/2015-03/11/2021
151 S-3852Proctor Tributary Lincoln at Baker Rd2103/12/2015-12/08/2021
152 S-3853Proctor Tributary at Lindsay St4301/08/2015-04/21/2016
153 S-4032East Fork Little River at Honeysuckle Rd19010/14/2015-12/13/2023
154 S-4033West Fork Little River at Jim Hood Rd19810/14/2015-12/13/2023
155 S-4034Limestone Creek at Limestone Pkwy4708/11/2015-07/19/2016
156 S-4035Flat Creek at Donna Way17109/15/2015-11/01/2023
157 S-4204Marsh Creek at Abernathy (WASS)2403/10/2016-04/05/2018
158 S-4205Marsh Creek at Glenridge Trib S1003/17/2016-10/12/2017
159 S-4230Big Creek @ Mansell Rd 26407/30/2015-12/14/2023
160 S-4231Chattahoochee @ Franklin Pkwy13801/04/2014-06/06/2018
161 S-4232Chattahoochee @ Johnson Ferry32209/17/2015-12/14/2023
162 S-4235Chattahoochee @ Willeo Rd28702/11/2016-12/14/2023
163 S-4236Greensferry CSO20210/11/2012-11/07/2023
164 S-4237Laurel Lake Trib @ Cooper Lake Rd14107/30/2015-12/14/2023
165 S-4238Nancy Creek @ Chamblee Dunwoody4408/21/2015-02/03/2022
166 S-4239West Nancy Creek @ Paces Mill2312/03/2015-06/09/2016
167 S-4240Peavine @ Tanyard Garden38309/03/2015-12/14/2023
168 S-4241Powers Branch at Big Trees Preserve5607/16/2015-09/27/2018
169 S-4242Sandy Creek @ Harwell1209/10/2015-03/22/2023
170 S-4243Utoy North @ Beecher11404/21/2016-04/22/2019
171 S-4244Utoy North @ Ben E Mays8309/10/2015-10/26/2021
172 S-4245North Ave CSO4604/20/2016-11/22/2022
173 S-4246Woodall Creek @ Chattahoochee Ave2809/10/2015-09/14/2020
174 S-4247Woodall Creek @ Defoors Ferry1908/26/2015-09/06/2018
175 S-4248Tanyard Creek CSO4107/25/2013-01/10/2023
176 S-4249Sandy Creek Trib @ Collier Rd14802/16/2016-12/14/2023
177 S-4250Proctor Trib Lincoln @ Baker Cr1403/03/2016-06/06/2018
178 S-4251Proctor Creek @ North Ave11902/04/2016-01/10/2023
179 S-4252South Peachtree @ Mason Mill Park204/21/2016-05/05/2016
180 S-4253Burnt Fork Creek @ Mason Mill Park1101/20/2016-05/19/2016
181 S-4254Palisades Creek @ Alpharetta Big Creek Greenway Tr403/31/2016-05/05/2016
182 S-4255Big Creek @ Kimball Bridge Rd504/14/2016-11/21/2019
183 S-4256Big Creek @ Haynes Bridge404/14/2016-08/12/2019
184 S-4293Proctor Trib Lincoln @ Brooks8709/24/2015-08/02/2018
185 S-4474Yellow Creek at Yellow Creek Rd7102/16/2016-02/22/2023
186 S-4475Ada Creek at Ledan Rd18802/16/2016-12/13/2023
187 S-4476Flat Creek Tributary at Davis St8102/09/2016-11/30/2022
188 S-4477Flat Creek at Glade Farm Rd4906/29/2016-08/11/2021
189 S-4480Two Mile Creek at Wallace Wood Rd14003/07/2016-11/01/2023
190 S-4481Four Mile Creek at Avery Bridge Ln12703/07/2016-04/12/2023
191 S-4482Johnson Creen at Ledan Ext18802/16/2016-12/13/2023
192 S-4483Shoal Creek at Asbury Mill Rd707/12/2016-09/13/2016
193 S-4484Squirrel Creek at Elrod Rd18503/07/2016-12/13/2023
194 S-4485Tesnatee Creek at Town Creek Rd607/12/2016-09/13/2016
195 S-4491Wahoo Creek at Hubert Stephens Rd18302/16/2016-12/13/2023
196 S-4521Flat Creek Tributary OF at Davis St2903/29/2016-09/28/2022
197 S-4524Wilshire Creek at Wilshire Trails Park6210/11/2016-05/25/2023
198 S-4822Ansley Stream at Winn Park12205/25/2017-05/18/2023
199 S-4823Ball Mill Creek at Spalding2505/25/2017-07/05/2018
200 S-4824Big Creek at Old Holcomb Bridge Rd1905/25/2017-05/31/2018
201 S-4825Big Creek Wetland at Old Holcomb Bridge Rd1305/25/2017-11/16/2017
202 S-4826Chattahoochee River at Holcomb Bridge Rd607/27/2017-09/14/2017
203 S-4827Falling Branches at Brandon Mill2705/25/2017-03/09/2018
204 S-4829Foe Killer at Hembree Rd24905/25/2017-12/14/2023
205 S-4830Hogwallow at Charles Place205/25/2017-06/15/2017
206 S-4831Hogwallow at Roswell Area Park205/25/2017-06/15/2017
207 S-4832Lullwater Creek at Wildwood7505/25/2017-12/15/2022
208 S-4833Marsh Tributary Glenridge at Glenridge Dr.104/05/2018-04/05/2018
209 S-4834Nancy Creek at Ridgeview Park0-
210 S-4835North Fork Peachtree Creek at Henderson Park0-
211 S-4836Proctor Creek at Dean Rusk Park23005/25/2017-11/10/2022
212 S-4837Proctor Creek at Johnson Road106/13/2018-06/13/2018
213 S-4838Proctor Creek at North Ave0-
214 S-4839Fernbank Creek at Fernbank Forest7505/25/2017-12/15/2022
215 S-4840Lullwater Creek at Ponce de Leon6905/25/2017-12/01/2022
216 S-4841Proctor Tributary Lincoln at Joseph E Boone206/22/2017-06/06/2018
217 S-4842Proctor Tributary Lincoln at Brooks Ave NW206/22/2017-06/06/2018
218 S-4843Sandy Creek at Jennie Drake Park4005/25/2017-07/12/2018
219 S-4844Sandy Creek at Skipper Dr3005/25/2017-07/12/2018
220 S-4845Seven Branches at Martin Rd22505/25/2017-12/07/2023
221 S-4846Seven Branches at Riverside Dr0-
222 S-4847Seven Branches at Martin Lake Spillway26505/25/2017-12/14/2023
223 S-4848Utoy Creek South at Campbellton11506/08/2017-05/04/2023
224 S-4849Utoy Creek South at Dodson7005/24/2017-05/18/2023
225 S-4850Utoy Creek North at JWGC Cascade Terrace25505/24/2017-07/20/2023
226 S-4851West Nancy Creek at Paces Mill0-
227 S-4902Wahoo Creek @ Hwy 291901/13/2016-06/06/2018
228 S-4903Chattahoochee River @ Capps Ferry Rd1701/10/2018-06/06/2018
229 S-4904Cedar Creek @ Hwy 701701/10/2018-06/06/2018
230 S-4905Centralhatchee Creek @ Franklin Pawrkway1701/10/2018-06/06/2018
231 S-4906Wahoo Creek @ Broad St1710/04/2017-06/06/2018
232 S-4907Wahoo Creek @ Wagers Mill1601/10/2018-06/06/2018
233 S-4908Dixie Creek @ Mooty Bridge Rd17601/10/2018-10/12/2023
234 S-4909Tanyard Creek @ Swift St2402/14/2018-08/10/2023
235 S-4910Blue John Creek @ Orchard Hill Rd17502/14/2018-11/02/2023
236 S-4911Long Cane Creek @ Old West Point Rd902/22/2018-05/16/2018
237 S-4912Chattahoochee River @ West Point10702/14/2018-11/16/2023
238 S-4932Utoy Creek North at Harlan Rd3811/09/2017-12/13/2018
239 S-4933Utoy Creek North at Lynhurst Dr13711/09/2017-12/07/2023
240 S-4934Utoy Creek South at Adams Park3611/09/2017-08/30/2018
241 S-4947Utoy Creek North at Lionel Hampton11811/09/2017-07/20/2023
242 S-4948Utoy Creek South at Harbin Rd SW28911/09/2017-12/07/2023
243 S-4949Utoy Creek South at Kimmeridge Dr0-
244 S-4950Ansley Stream at Eubanks Park6511/06/2017-11/02/2022
245 S-4951Ansley Stream at Maddox Dr10011/09/2017-05/18/2023
246 S-4952Utoy Creek South at Alison Ct7311/09/2017-10/08/2020
247 S-4953Utoy Creek South at Childress Dr3411/09/2017-08/02/2018
248 S-4957Camp Creek at Welcome All Rd17401/11/2018-12/14/2023
249 S-5054Nancy Creek at Powers Ferry Rd16305/10/2018-12/14/2023
250 S-5055Nancy Creek at Powers Ferry Rd0-
251 S-5056Rivermaede Lake1204/19/2018-08/08/2019
252 S-5078Park Creek at Forrest Ave105/16/2018-05/16/2018
253 S-5079Osanippa creek at Hopewell Road802/22/2018-05/16/2018
254 S-5080Whitewater creek at Liberty Glenn-Hill Road1301/10/2018-06/06/2018
255 S-5081Mountain Creek at Smokey Road0-
256 S-5082Wilson creek at Pyne Road204/25/2018-05/16/2018
257 S-5083Long Cane creek at Whitesville Road0-
258 S-5084Sandy creek at Old Corinth Road0-
259 S-5085Polecat creek at Finney Road1102/14/2018-06/06/2018
260 S-5086Flatshoals creek at Salem Road1201/10/2018-06/06/2018
261 S-5087Beech creek at Highway 29301/10/2018-03/07/2018
262 S-5088Shoal creek at Hammett Road401/10/2018-03/07/2018
263 S-5089Yellowjacket creek at Hammett Road0-
264 S-5090Polecat creek at Salem Road1102/14/2018-06/06/2018
265 S-6607Ball Mill Creek at Dunwoody Club Dr13102/06/2020-12/14/2023
266 S-6608Ball Mill Creek at Spalding10802/06/2020-12/14/2023
267 S-6609Balus Creek at Stephens Rd0-
268 S-6610Balus Tributary at Old Oakwood Rd0-
269 S-6611Bear Creek at Campbelton Redwine Rd12602/20/2020-12/14/2023
270 S-6612Bull Creek At Woodruff Farm Rd2902/05/2020-08/12/2021
271 S-6613Camp Creek at Stonewall Tell Rd.14002/13/2020-01/11/2024
272 S-6614Camp Creek at Washington Rd.12002/13/2020-12/14/2023
273 S-6615Cedar Creek at Hwy 709802/05/2020-11/09/2023
274 S-6616Centralhatchee Creek at Franklin Pkwy10302/05/2020-11/16/2023
275 S-6617Chattahoochee River at Bottom Rd3402/03/2020-12/04/2023
276 S-6618Chattahoochee River at Capps Ferry11002/05/2020-11/09/2023
277 S-6619Chattahoochee River at Columbus Riverwalk6702/13/2020-12/05/2023
278 S-6620Chattahoochee River at Crossroad recreation5402/05/2020-09/02/2021
279 S-6621Chattahoochee River at Fairburn Rd.802/06/2020-07/06/2023
280 S-6622Chattahoochee River at Franklin11002/05/2020-11/16/2023
281 S-6623Chattahoochee River at Holcomb Bridge Rd802/06/2020-08/20/2020
282 S-6624Chattahoochee River at Paces Ferry Rd907/05/2023-11/09/2023
283 S-6625Chattahoochee River at Powers Ferry & I-281007/05/2023-11/09/2023
284 S-6626Chattahoochee River at Riverview Landing907/05/2023-09/14/2023
285 S-6627Chattahoochee River at Whitesburg10902/05/2020-09/28/2023
286 S-6628Clarkesville Creek near Laprade st0-
287 S-6629Clear Creek at Monroe Dr.5402/27/2020-12/07/2023
288 S-6630Dowdell Creek at Johnson Mill Rd0-
289 S-6631Dunwoody Club Creek at Dunwoody Club Drive16102/06/2020-12/14/2023
290 S-6632East Fork Little River at Green Cir302/05/2020-02/18/2020
291 S-6634Flat Creek at Hancock Ave. Pipe A13302/05/2020-12/13/2023
292 S-6635Flat Creek at Hancock Ave. Pipe B11002/05/2020-08/16/2023
293 S-6636Flat Creek Outfall @ Atlanta Hwy1102/18/2020-06/21/2023
294 S-6637Flat Creek Outfall at Industrial Blvd8802/11/2020-11/01/2023
295 S-6638Flat Shoal Creek at Whitesville Rd0-
296 S-6654Flat Shoals Creek at Salem Rd903/04/2020-04/01/2021
297 S-6655Flatrock Creek at Warms Springs Rd0-
298 S-6656Four Mile Creek @ Keith Bridge Rd9102/05/2020-10/18/2023
299 S-6657Kingsley Lake Creek at Dunwoody Club Dr15802/06/2020-12/14/2023
300 S-6659Lake Lanier at Buford Dam Park Beach0-
301 S-6660Lake Lanier at Don Carter State Park Beach1610/14/2020-06/28/2023
302 S-6661Lake Lanier at Longwood Park0-
303 S-6662Lake Lanier at Olympic Park Beach3110/14/2020-10/04/2023
304 S-6663Lake Lanier at River Forks Park Beach1605/25/2022-08/30/2023
305 S-6664Lake Lanier at Wahoo Boat Ramp and Park302/05/2020-02/25/2020
306 S-6665Lee Creek at 4th Ave2406/16/2022-10/12/2023
307 S-6666Lindsey Creek at Algonquin11502/05/2020-12/05/2023
308 S-6667Lindsey Creek at Elizabeth Turner Bradley Center103/04/2020-03/04/2020
309 S-6668Linwood at Linwood Nature Preserve2802/05/2020-06/22/2022
310 S-6687Long Cane Creek at Cannonville Road0-
311 S-6688Long cane creek at Hamilton Rd0-
312 S-6689Long Cane Creek at New Hutchinson Mill Rd0-
313 S-6690McGee Pond tributary at Betty Dunn Road0-
314 S-6691Mill Creek at Soque Wilderness0-
315 S-6692Mud Creek at Rafe Ct0-
316 S-6693Mud Creek at Whitesville Rd0-
317 S-6694Mulberry Creek at Hudson Mill Rd0-
318 S-6695Nancy Creek at Village Mill0-
319 S-6696Nancy Creek at Lake Forrest Drive Northwest0-
320 S-6697Nancy Creek at Perimeter Center Marta0-
321 S-6698Nancy Creek at Tilly Mill Rd0-
322 S-6705Nancy Creek at W Nancy Creek Dr0-
323 S-6706Nancy Creek Fork at Georgetown0-
324 S-6707Nancy Creek Tributary at Peachford Rd0-
325 S-6708Nancy Tributary at Peeler Rd0-
326 S-6709North Camp Creek at Redwine Rd.0-
327 S-6710North Camp Creek at Stone Hogan Conn.0-
328 S-6715North Fork Peachtree at Briarwood Rd.0-
329 S-6716North Fork Peachtree Creek at Kittredge Park0-
330 S-6717Park Creek at 4th Ave0-
331 S-6718Pine Grove Lake at Willeo Creek0-
332 S-4233Chattahoochee @ Whitesburg1707/24/2017-06/06/2018
333 S-4234Chat @ Whit0-
334 S-4257Big Creek @ Alpharetta Big Creek Greenway Trail0-
335 S-4258Big Creek @ Alpharetta Big Creek Greenway Trail0-
336 S-4478Two Mile Creek0-
337 S-4479Two Mile at Wallace Wood0-
Total Monitoring Events: 29355