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Watershed: Upper Oconee River Watershed 14 Sites

# Group ID #Events Site Name
13 Chattahoochee Riverkeeper S-6635 12 Flat Creek at Hancock Ave. Pipe B
14 Chattahoochee Riverkeeper S-6634 14 Flat Creek at Hancock Ave. Pipe A
7 Hard Labor Creek -Rutledge Ga S-7582 2 Rawlings Branch at Old Mill Rd.
2 Hard Labor Creek -Rutledge Ga S-7583 1 Hunnicut Creek At I-20, Social Circle Ga
3 Hard Labor Creek -Rutledge Ga S-7605 1 Rocky Creek @ HLCSP Golf Course
4 Hard Labor Creek -Rutledge Ga S-7650 1 Hunnicut Creek At Estes Rd.
5 Hard Labor Creek -Rutledge Ga S-7604 2 Little River @ Hancock Rd/Cannon Dr
6 oconeewaters S-7206 2 Apalachee
9 oconeewaters S-4160 3 Barber Creek @ Daniel Bridge Rd. Bridge
10 oconeewaters S-4099 4 calls creek at Hickory Rd. Bridge
11 oconeewaters S-4114 4 Barber Creek @ Clotfelder Rd. Bridge
12 oconeewaters S-4095 6 Calls Creek
1 oconeewaters S-4161 1 Barber Creek @ industrial/corporate park
8 Sandy Creek Nature Center Volunteers S-580 2 Sandy Creek