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Upper Etowah Alliance AAS    
Group ID: G-487 (AAS & RA)
Date of first monitoring event: 05/23/2009


"Inactive" sites have not had events submitted within the past 365 days. If new events are submitted they will become active.

#Site IDWaterbody NameEventsDatesExcel
1 S-2473tributary to Canton Creek12206/25/2012-09/09/2023
2 S-2505Etowah River Clean-up209/08/2012-10/23/2021
3 S-3426Gober Beach, Etowah River111/01/2014-09/08/2023
4 S-5231Clark Creek Boat Ramp111/03/2018-11/03/2018
5 S-1235Canton Creek14905/23/2009-09/09/2023
6 S-2937unnamed tributary to Etowah River10105/31/2013-09/09/2023
7 S-2970Smithwick Creek Tributary at Orange Shoals2206/21/2013-10/23/2014
8 S-3078Long Swamp Creek Tributary508/12/2013-05/11/2014
9 S-3507Upstream tributary of Orange Shoals SW tributary208/08/2014-10/23/2014
10 S-3721Canton Creek6903/20/2015-06/27/2024
11 S-4181Bannister Creek604/20/2016-09/24/2016
12 S-4220Water Tank Road Tributary1504/22/2015-01/26/2020
13 S-5505Etowah River509/07/2019-09/08/2023
14 S-6747Canton Creek near Spearman Lane306/27/2020-09/05/2020
15 S-6857Rubes Creek910/25/2020-09/26/2021
16 S-6963Lewis Park creek - tributary to Lake Allatoona2103/17/2021-05/31/2024
17 S-7182ET1 - Etowah River1306/13/2021-09/08/2023
18 S-7183ET2 - Etowah River @ Eagles Beak1206/13/2021-09/09/2023
19 S-7184ET3 - Etowah River at Hwy 91306/13/2021-09/08/2023
20 S-7198Settingdown Creek1306/23/2021-04/27/2022
21 S-7209Lake Allatoona - JDs by the Lake2306/13/2021-05/31/2024
22 S-7275Settingdown Creek at Pooles Mill Park309/10/2021-09/09/2023
23 S-7276Downing Creek at Barnett Park909/11/2021-05/31/2024
24 S-7277Etowah River at Hightower Church Rd.309/09/2021-09/09/2023
25 S-7278Etowah River at Hwy. 9309/09/2021-09/09/2023
26 S-7279Etowah River at Castleberry Bridge Rd.309/09/2021-09/09/2023
27 S-7498Jug Creek610/29/2022-09/08/2023
28 S-7506Etowah River at Kelly Bridge Canoe and Kayak Launch210/29/2022-09/08/2023
29 S-7507Amicalola River at Edge of the World210/29/2022-09/08/2023
30 S-7713Etowah River at WMA3109/08/2023-09/08/2023
31 S-7714Conn Creek at WMA3109/08/2023-09/08/2023
32 S-7727Owl Creek109/09/2023-09/09/2023
33 S-7728Rose Creek109/09/2023-09/09/2023
34 S-7729Kellogg Creek309/09/2023-09/19/2023
35 S-3427Shoal Creek at Moores Mill Bridge, Hwy108/Fincher1909/07/2019-09/09/2023
Total Monitoring Events: 664