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The Lugthart clan    
Group ID: G-1656 (AAS)
Date of first monitoring event: 05/26/2012


"Inactive" sites have not had events submitted within the past 365 days. If new events are submitted they will become active.

#Site IDWaterbody NameEventsDatesExcel
1 S-2464Mill Creek14605/26/2012-03/30/2024
2 S-3240Dykes Creek1208/29/2013-05/20/2014
3 S-3241Dykes Creek1308/29/2013-06/18/2021
4 S-3242Dykes Creek1208/29/2013-05/20/2014
5 S-3243Dykes Creek712/12/2013-05/20/2014
6 S-3244Dykes Creek909/12/2013-05/20/2014
7 S-3245Dykes Creek712/12/2013-05/21/2014
8 S-3246Dykes Creek712/12/2013-05/21/2014
9 S-3247Dykes Creek908/29/2013-05/21/2014
10 S-3248Dykes Creek1208/29/2013-05/21/2014
11 S-3536Silver Creek2108/22/2013-07/23/2015
12 S-3537Silver Creek2108/22/2013-07/23/2015
13 S-3538Silver Creek2108/22/2013-07/23/2015
14 S-3539Silver Creek2108/22/2013-07/23/2015
15 S-3540Silver Creek2108/22/2013-07/23/2015
16 S-3541Silver Creek2108/22/2013-07/23/2015
17 S-3542Silver Creek2108/22/2013-07/23/2015
18 S-3543Silver Creek2108/22/2013-07/23/2015
19 S-5217Woodward Creek at Bells Ferry Crossing910/25/2018-12/05/2019
20 S-5218Woodward Creek at Shannon Water intake810/25/2018-12/05/2019
21 S-5226Woodward Creek at Minshew Bridge810/25/2018-12/05/2019
22 S-5227Woodward Creek at Gaines Loop Rd Bridge810/25/2018-12/05/2019
23 S-5228Woodward Creek at Plainville Rd Bridge810/25/2018-12/05/2019
24 S-5229Woodward Creek at Autry Road bridge810/25/2018-12/05/2019
25 S-5230Woodward Cr tributary bridge Big Oak Tree Rd110/25/2018-10/25/2018
26 S-5283Woodward Cr tributary at Buttrum Road Bridge801/10/2019-12/05/2019
27 S-6804College Creek - upstream0-
28 S-6805College Creek - downstream0-
Total Monitoring Events: 460