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Riffle Beetles    
Group ID: G-2667 (AAS)
Date of first monitoring event: 03/04/2018

Sites Breakdown
County/WatershedNo. of Sites
Elbert County 6
Madison County 4
Broad River Watershed 10


"Inactive" sites have not had events submitted within the past 365 days. If new events are submitted they will become active.

#Site IDWaterbody NameEventsDatesExcel
1 S-5275Broad River at Peyton Ferry4103/04/2018-10/01/2023
2 S-5276Fork Creek at Bowman Park1503/04/2018-12/08/2019
3 S-5277Fork Creek at Martin Road2003/04/2018-12/08/2019
4 S-5278Shiloh Creek at Manley Martin Road1003/04/2018-02/03/2019
5 S-5282Dove Creek at Edna Drive307/24/2018-01/08/2019
6 S-5298Mill Shoal Creek at King Hall Mill Rd3802/03/2019-02/08/2024
7 S-5349Deep Creek at Sandy Hill Road903/10/2019-12/08/2019
8 S-5350Scull Shoals at David Homes Church Road4003/10/2019-02/08/2024
9 S-6680Broad River-Briars Landing2902/02/2020-02/08/2024
10 S-6681Fred Compton Branch302/02/2020-03/01/2020
Total Monitoring Events: 208