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Watershed: Broad River Watershed 11 Sites

# Group ID #Events Site Name
1 BRWA and Camp Kiwanis S-2615 1 Hudson and Broad Rivers
4 kecb S-5157 2 Broad River at Anthony Shoals
5 MOST (Madison-Oglethorpe Stream Team) S-7288 3 Gina's Creek-Site 2 Upstream
6 MOST (Madison-Oglethorpe Stream Team) S-7211 4 S.Fork Broad River at Watson Mill Bridge State Park
2 MOST (Madison-Oglethorpe Stream Team) S-7215 1 S.Fork Broad River, Outz Property, 1st St.-Carlton GA
3 MOST (Madison-Oglethorpe Stream Team) S-7224 2 Brush Creek, Tesanovich Property
11 MOST (Madison-Oglethorpe Stream Team) S-7146 9 Gina's Creek
7 Riffle Beetles S-5275 5 Broad River at Peyton Ferry
8 Riffle Beetles S-5350 6 Scull Shoals at David Homes Church Road
9 Riffle Beetles S-6680 7 Broad River-Briar's Landing
10 Riffle Beetles S-5298 7 Mill Shoal Creek at King Hall Mill Rd