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Fork Creek at Martin Road [S-5277] is one of 10 sites monitored by Group [ G-2667] Riffle Beetles

Site Description: Creek before covert in Martin Road. Former beaver pond with lots of sun. Some animal crossings nearby. upstream is very shaded

Special Information:Creek is very narrow, but water runs very swiftly. Upstream crosses Bennett Road. All woods between Bowman Park and road. 0.6 mi. From Bennett Road to Martin Road is 0.96. To the West there are fields that appear to be abandoned. Pond near local chicken houses. Several houses at Bennett road. One house from Bennett Road to Martin Road. 0.96 mi. trib. 0.48 miles from Martin Road to Stanley Maxwell road.

This site has 20 recorded monitoring events.

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       At a glance
Site: Fork Creek at Martin Road [S-5277]
Group: [G-2667] Riffle Beetles
Lat, Long: 34.1812 , -83.0096
Altitude: 180 meters ( 591 feet )
Watershed: Broad River Watershed
City: Bowman, Georgia
County: Elbert
Events: 20
First sampled: 03/04/2018
Local Coordinator: