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Middle Savannah River Sentinels    
Group ID: G-2437 (AAS)
Date of first monitoring event: 07/03/2012

Sites Breakdown
County/WatershedNo. of Sites
Columbia County 8
Edgefield County 1
Richmond County 3
Middle Savannah River Watershed 12


"Inactive" sites have not had events submitted within the past 365 days. If new events are submitted they will become active.

#Site IDWaterbody NameEventsDatesExcel
1 S-971Euchee Creek Site 419309/29/2007-02/06/2024
2 S-975Reed Creek16108/22/2008-12/06/2023
3 S-2402Butler Creek16502/06/2012-02/07/2024
4 S-2501Fox Creek10007/03/2012-05/01/2021
5 S-2956Euchee Creek11607/30/2013-12/08/2022
6 S-3090Raes Creek12708/30/2013-01/08/2024
7 S-4730Lower Reed Creek204/17/2017-05/02/2017
8 S-4871Upper Reed Creek8006/27/2017-02/03/2024
9 S-5166Reed Creek at Sandlewood Drive8007/31/2018-02/03/2024
10 S-5215Rocky Creek at Gravel Pit Road6110/06/2018-02/07/2024
11 S-5348Kiokee Creek2904/08/2019-02/09/2022
12 S-7317Upper Kiokee Creek2711/02/2021-02/06/2024
Total Monitoring Events: 1141