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Euchee Creek [S-2956] is one of 12 sites monitored by Group [ G-2437] Middle Savannah River Sentinels

Site Description: Euchee Creek cuts trough the typical urban sprawl developments of the Grovetown area to include passing by the recently closed Columbia County Landfill. The testing side will be about one mile North of I-20, and down stream from the, Whittaker Branch tributary, which flows from the old contained landfill. The actual site will be about 100 yards down stream from the William Few Parkway bridge.

This site has 116 recorded monitoring events.

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       At a glance
Site: Euchee Creek [S-2956]
Group: [G-2437] Middle Savannah River Sentinels
Lat, Long: 33.4913 , -82.2217
Altitude: 83 meters ( 272 feet )
Watershed: Middle Savannah River Watershed
City: Grovetown, Georgia
County: Columbia
Events: 116
First sampled: 07/30/2013
Local Coordinator: