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Rocky Creek at Gravel Pit Road [S-5215] is one of 12 sites monitored by Group [ G-2437] Middle Savannah River Sentinels

Site Description: Lowest Reach of the remaining or existent portion for Rocky Creek in Richmond County. Rocky Creek is trenched and straightened at this point. The test point is a shallow outflow of the creek into Phinizy Swamp, immediately west of the culvert where Gravel Pit Road crosses Rocky Creek. The creek itself is too deep to test via wading.

Special Information:This sampling site is located on Georgia Department of Transportation property. This is historically developed creek bottom adjacent to the Phinizy Swamp, where Rocky Creek joins Phinizy Ditch.

This site has 39 recorded monitoring events.

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       At a glance
Site: Rocky Creek at Gravel Pit Road [S-5215]
Group: [G-2437] Middle Savannah River Sentinels
Lat, Long: 33.4174 , -81.9859
Altitude: 38 meters ( 125 feet )
Watershed: Middle Savannah River Watershed
City: Augusta, Georgia
County: Richmond
Events: 39
First sampled: 10/06/2018
Local Coordinator: