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#Site IDWaterbody NameEventsDatesExcel
1 S-6669New River1702/07/2020-01/08/2021
2 S-6670New River at GA 3191802/07/2020-01/08/2021
3 S-6671New River at GA 319 in Tifton1902/07/2020-01/08/2021
4 S-6672New River at GA 1251802/07/2020-01/08/2021
5 S-6673New River at Lenox Brookfield Road1602/07/2020-01/08/2021
6 S-6674New River at State Road 761702/07/2020-01/08/2021
7 S-6972Unnamed Tributary to Red Bluff Creek205/02/2022-05/11/2022
8 S-6973Unnamed Trib. to Little Red Bluff Creek at US 441205/02/2022-05/11/2022
9 S-6974Red Bluff Creek at State Road 50205/02/2022-05/11/2022
10 S-6976Pudding Creek at CR 244205/02/2022-05/11/2022
11 S-6977Hog Creek @ nr CR 29 and Dickerson Crossing Rd305/11/2022-05/11/2022
12 S-6978Pudding Creek at CR 39105/11/2022-05/11/2022
13 S-6979Willacoochee River at U.S. Highway 82104/03/2021-04/03/2021
14 S-6980Hurricane Creek at Hwy 321504/22/2022-05/28/2023
15 S-6981Little Hurricane Creek at SR 321404/22/2022-05/28/2023
16 S-6982Little Hurricane Creek at County Road 343205/09/2022-05/09/2022
17 S-6983Big Branch at Beach Rd.205/09/2022-05/09/2022
18 S-6984Little Hurricane Creek at Hwy 1205/09/2022-05/09/2022
19 S-6985Hurricane Creek - U.S. Highway 1205/09/2022-05/09/2022
20 S-6986Hurricane Creek at County Road 331205/09/2022-05/09/2022
21 S-6987Bear Creek (NHD labels as Bear Branch) nr N Pierce St205/09/2022-05/09/2022
22 S-6988Briar Creek nr SR 32205/09/2022-05/09/2022
23 S-6989Turkey Branch at Ed Ward Rd (CR 124)106/06/2022-06/06/2022
24 S-6990Red Bluff Creek at US Highway 319106/06/2022-06/06/2022
25 S-6991Sturgeon Creek at US Highway 319106/06/2022-06/06/2022
26 S-6992Little House Creek at Bethlehem Rd206/06/2022-06/06/2022
27 S-6993Little Sturgeon Creek at Dicksons Mill Pond Rd CR 190106/06/2022-06/06/2022
28 S-6994Tributary to Red Bluff Creek at Dicksons Mill Pond Rd CR 190106/06/2022-06/06/2022
29 S-6995Unnamed Tributary to Turkey Branch at Ben Hill Drive106/06/2022-06/06/2022
30 S-6996Turkey Branch at Frank Rd106/06/2022-06/06/2022
31 S-6997Turkey Branch at Cemetery Rd106/06/2022-06/06/2022
32 S-6998Willacoochee River at St. Luke Church Road104/03/2021-04/03/2021
33 S-6999Hardy Mill Creek at County Road 230104/21/2021-04/21/2021
34 S-7000Cat Creek at SR 37104/29/2022-04/29/2022
35 S-7001Beaverdam Creek at Park St.104/29/2022-04/29/2022
36 S-7002Alapaha River at boat ramp immediately d/s US 82104/05/2021-04/05/2021
37 S-7003Mill Branch at CR 238104/05/2021-04/05/2021
38 S-7004Pearson Creek at SR 76104/29/2022-04/29/2022
39 S-7005Swain Creek at Sirmans Rd CR 265104/29/2022-04/29/2022
40 S-7006Trib. Alapaha River at CR 161 Riverside Rd104/29/2022-04/29/2022
41 S-7007Big Creek at SR 520 / U.S. Hwy 82109/27/2021-09/27/2021
42 S-7008Barbers Creek near Needmore Road109/27/2021-09/27/2021
43 S-7009Mill Creek nr High Bluff Rock Rd109/27/2021-09/27/2021
44 S-7010Okapilco Creek at Coffee Road204/05/2021-06/22/2021
45 S-7011Pride Branch (fka Negro Branch) at County Road 125104/05/2021-04/05/2021
46 S-7012Piscola Creek at SR 76104/05/2021-04/05/2021
47 S-7013Little River at SR 122104/05/2021-04/05/2021
48 S-7014North Prong Saint Marys River at State Road 94109/27/2021-09/27/2021
49 S-7015Saint Marys River Tributary at State Road 40109/27/2021-09/27/2021
50 S-7016Spanish Creek at State Road 121309/27/2021-05/09/2023
51 S-7017Harris Creek near Okefenokee Pkwy (SR 121 / 23)309/27/2021-02/14/2023
52 S-7018Spanish Creek at Post Road109/27/2021-09/27/2021
53 S-7019Corn House Creek at State Road 121109/27/2021-09/27/2021
54 S-7020Baileys Branch at SR 252109/27/2021-09/27/2021
55 S-7021Long Branch near Davis Road109/27/2021-09/27/2021
56 S-7022Reynolds Creek at Reynolds Rd109/27/2021-09/27/2021
57 S-7023Jones Creek at Williamsburgh Road106/10/2021-06/10/2021
58 S-7024Cane Creek at County Road 149106/10/2021-06/10/2021
59 S-7025Jones Creek at Tower Rd106/10/2021-06/10/2021
60 S-7026Big Branch at Colon Road0-
61 S-7027Bear Branch @ nr SR 187 W Forest Ave0-
62 S-7028Suwannoochee Creek at SR 168106/10/2021-06/10/2021
63 S-7029Unnamed Tributary to 17 Mile River at S. Pearson Ave105/11/2022-05/11/2022
64 S-7030Unnamed Tributary to 17 Mile River at McDonald Rd105/11/2022-05/11/2022
65 S-7031Unnamed Tributary to 17 Mile River at Lupo Ln105/11/2022-05/11/2022
66 S-7032Tributary to Tributary to Seventeen Mile River at 10th Street105/11/2022-05/11/2022
67 S-7033Tributary to Tributary to Seventeen Mile River at Gaskin Avenue near Douglas, GA105/11/2022-05/11/2022
68 S-7034Satilla River at SR 135105/11/2022-05/11/2022
69 S-7035Seventeen Mile River at SR 158 near Douglas105/11/2022-05/11/2022
70 S-7036Seventeen Mile River - Georgia Highway 64105/11/2022-05/11/2022
71 S-7037Dry Creek at CR 552 (Flying Hawk Rd.)105/11/2022-05/11/2022
72 S-7038Bear Creek at County Road 32 near Adel, GA104/05/2021-04/05/2021
73 S-7039Morrison Creek at County Road 243 near Adel, GA104/05/2021-04/05/2021
74 S-7040Bear Creek at Kent Drive near Adel, GA104/05/2021-04/05/2021
75 S-7041Bear Creek at Patterson St near Adel, GA104/05/2021-04/05/2021
76 S-7042Flat Branch at Kinard Bridge Rd nr Lenox, GA0-
77 S-7043Little River at Antioch Rd near Hahira, GA104/05/2021-04/05/2021
78 S-7044Little River at Roundtree Rd. near Adel, GA106/10/2021-06/10/2021
79 S-7045Giddens Mill Creek at North Elm Street104/05/2021-04/05/2021
80 S-7046Bear Creek - Georgia Highways 37 and 76 In Adel104/05/2021-04/05/2021
81 S-7047Indian Trail Branch at State Route 37 near Adel, GA104/05/2021-04/05/2021
82 S-7048Suwannoochee Creek at US441/SR89/SR94 near Fargo, GA204/29/2022-04/29/2022
83 S-7049Toms Creek at Tap Deloach Road near Fargo, GA0-
84 S-7050Toms Creek at County Road 36 near Needmore, GA104/29/2022-04/29/2022
85 S-7051Cow Creek at State Road 11 near Stockton, GA103/30/2022-03/30/2022
86 S-7052Alapahoochee River at State Road 135 near Statenville, GA103/30/2022-03/30/2022
87 S-7053Alapahoochee Riv. at Antioch Rd/Jfrank103/30/2022-03/30/2022
88 S-7054Big Branch at US 129 SR11 nr Lake Park, GA0-
89 S-7055Alapaha River at State Road 32 near Irwinville, GA106/06/2022-06/06/2022
90 S-7056Big Creek at County Road 258 (Crystal Lake Road) near Irwinville, GA106/06/2022-06/06/2022
91 S-7057Willacoochee River at State Road 32 near Ocilla, GA106/06/2022-06/06/2022
92 S-7058Reedy Creek at County Road 57 (Firecracker Road) near Ocilla, GA104/06/2021-04/06/2021
93 S-7059Little Brushy Creek at County Road 63 (Harrell Road) near Ocilla, GA104/06/2021-04/06/2021
94 S-7060Willacoochee Creek @ Frank Rd106/06/2022-06/06/2022
95 S-7061Big Creek at Cleveland Road W of Fitzgerald, GA106/06/2022-06/06/2022
96 S-7062Little Creek at Tifton Hwy (Hwy 319, SR 35) nr Ocilla, GA106/06/2022-06/06/2022
97 S-7063Brushy Creek at Frank Rd nr Fitzgerald, GA106/06/2022-06/06/2022
98 S-7064Reedy Creek at 5 Bridge Rd, CR 260, nr Ocilla, GA106/06/2022-06/06/2022
99 S-7065Sand Creek at Waterloo Rebecca Rd nr Chula, GA106/06/2022-06/06/2022
100 S-7066Willacoochee Creek at Jeff Davis Memorial Highway near Fitzgerald, GA106/06/2022-06/06/2022
101 S-7067Tenmile Creek at State Road 64 near Lakeland, GA103/30/2022-03/30/2022
102 S-7068Grand Bay Creek at Hwy 221 near Naylor, GA103/30/2022-03/30/2022
103 S-7069Fivemile Creek at State Road 64 near Lakeland, GA103/30/2022-03/30/2022
104 S-7070Reedy Creek nr US 129 SR11 nr Naylor, GA103/30/2022-03/30/2022
105 S-7071Mill Creek at State Road 135 near Lakeland, GA103/30/2022-03/30/2022
106 S-7072Big Creek at State Road 135 near Lakeland, GA103/30/2022-03/30/2022
107 S-7073Big Creek at State Road 11 near Lakeland, GA103/30/2022-03/30/2022
108 S-7075Unnamed Trib. to Franks Creek at Union Road near Hahira, GA104/29/2022-04/29/2022
109 S-7076Grand Bay Creek at Old State Rd. near Naylor, GA103/30/2022-03/30/2022
110 S-7077Cat Creek at Hwy 122 near Ray City, GA104/29/2022-04/29/2022
111 S-7078Trib. to Sugar Creek at River St. near Valdosta, GA111/17/2021-11/17/2021
112 S-7079Franks Creek at Smith Ln104/29/2022-04/29/2022
113 S-7080Little River at St Augustine Rd / SR 133 near Troupeville, GA111/17/2021-11/17/2021
114 S-7081Beatty Branch at Beatty Road near Barretts, GA103/30/2022-03/30/2022
115 S-7082Beatty Branch at State Road125 near Barretts, GA0-
116 S-7083Otter Crk. at Otter Creek Rd nr Blackshear, GA205/09/2022-05/09/2022
117 S-7084Little Satilla River at SR32 near Hortense, GA105/11/2022-05/11/2022
118 S-7085Alapaha River - SR 203205/09/2022-05/09/2022
119 S-7086Little Hurricane Creek at County Road 220 near Blackshear, GA205/09/2022-05/09/2022
120 S-7087Trib. Satilla River at College Ave nr Blackshear, GA205/09/2022-05/09/2022
121 S-7088Trib. to Alapaha nr SR 203 nr Blackshear, GA105/11/2022-05/11/2022
122 S-7089Unnamed Tributary to Sixty-foot Branch at Main St. nr Patterson, GA105/11/2022-05/11/2022
123 S-7090Sixty Foot Branch at US84 near Patterson, GA105/11/2022-05/11/2022
124 S-7091Unnamed Tributary to Sixty Foot Branch at US 84 near Patterson, GA105/11/2022-05/11/2022
125 S-7092TyTy Creek at South Pickett Street near TyTy, GA106/08/2022-06/08/2022
126 S-7093Trib. of TyTy Creek East at Upper TyTy Rd nr TyTy, GA106/08/2022-06/08/2022
127 S-7094Alapaha River at State Road 35 near Tifton, GA106/08/2022-06/08/2022
128 S-7095Little River at Upper TyTy Road near Tifton106/08/2022-06/08/2022
129 S-7096Little River at County Road 424 (Omega-Eldorado Road) near Omega, GA106/08/2022-06/08/2022
130 S-7097TyTy Creek at U.S. Highway 82 at TyTy, GA106/08/2022-06/08/2022
131 S-7098TyTy Creek at Woods Road near TyTy, GA106/08/2022-06/08/2022
132 S-7099Trib. of Gum Creek at Omega-Eldorado Rd (Georgia Ave)106/08/2022-06/08/2022
133 S-7100Trib. of Sapp Creek nr County Line Rd (Hawthorne Dr)106/08/2022-06/08/2022
134 S-7101Double Run Creek at County Road 250 near Rebecca, GA105/04/2022-05/04/2022
135 S-7102West Fork Deep Creek at State Road 159 near Amboy, GA105/04/2022-05/04/2022
136 S-7103Deep Creek at County Road 250 near Rebecca, GA105/04/2022-05/04/2022
137 S-7104Little River at State Road 112 near Ashburn, GA105/04/2022-05/04/2022
138 S-7105Ashburn Branch at CR 111 / Cannon Rd105/04/2022-05/04/2022
139 S-7106Hat Creek at Industrial Blvd105/04/2022-05/04/2022
140 S-7107Hat Creek at CR 35 / Robert Davis Rd105/04/2022-05/04/2022
141 S-7108Wolf Creek at Legg Road ENE of Ashburn, GA105/04/2022-05/04/2022
142 S-7109Hat Creek at E Inaha Rd CR 252, nr Sycamore, GA105/04/2022-05/04/2022
143 S-7110Daniels Creek nr Coverdale Hwy (CR 99), Ashburn, GA105/04/2022-05/04/2022
144 S-7111Lime Sink Creek at Thomas Bell Rd nr Ashburn, GA105/04/2022-05/04/2022
145 S-7112Trib. To West Fork Deep Creek at Albertson Rd nr Ashburn, GA105/04/2022-05/04/2022
146 S-7113Wolf Creek at College St (hwy 112) nr Rebecca, GA105/04/2022-05/04/2022
147 S-7114Hat Creek at Airport Road near Ashburn, GA105/04/2022-05/04/2022
148 S-7115Unnamed Tributary to Hat Creek at CR 241 near Sycamore, GA105/04/2022-05/04/2022
149 S-7116Hat Creek at Bussey Road near Sycamore, GA105/04/2022-05/04/2022
150 S-7117Unnamed Tributary to Little River at Luke Road near Sycamore, GA105/04/2022-05/04/2022
151 S-7118Hog Creek at County Road 467 (Telmore-Dixie Union Road) at Bickley, GA105/11/2022-05/11/2022
152 S-7119Cox Creek at Pineview Church Road near Waycross, GA105/11/2022-05/11/2022
153 S-7120Kettle Creek at Hwy 1 near Waycross, GA905/11/2022-01/15/2024
154 S-7121Suwannee Creek at Jordan Ford Road near Waycross, GA0-
155 S-7122Laura S. Walker Lake (in Laura Walker State Park)108/29/2022-08/29/2022
156 S-7123Fullwood Creek at Albany Hwy US 82 nr Waycross, GA105/11/2022-05/11/2022
157 S-7124Hacklebarney Creek - Hacklebarney Rd near Blackshear, GA105/11/2022-05/11/2022
158 S-7125Trib. To Hog Creek @ nr Ben Butler Rd nr Millwood, GA105/11/2022-05/11/2022
159 S-7126Little Satilla Creek at CR 390 (Nine Nun Rd) nr Screven, GA0-
160 S-7127Connell Creek at SR 33 (Boston Monicello Rd) S of Boston, GA111/17/2021-11/17/2021
161 S-7128House Creek at Sibbie Rd/ CR 144 near Abbeville, GA106/06/2022-06/06/2022
162 S-7129Okapilco Creek at Cook Road106/08/2022-06/08/2022
163 S-7130Little River @ County Road 246 (Kinard Bridge Road) nr Lenox, GA106/08/2022-06/08/2022
164 S-7131Indian Creek- Tillman Road nr Berlin, GA106/08/2022-06/08/2022
165 S-7132Okapilco Creek @ Wesley Chapel Rd nr Berlin, GA106/08/2022-06/08/2022
166 S-7133Sweetwater Creek @ Holland Rd nr Baxley, GA205/09/2022-05/09/2022
167 S-7134Sweetwater Creek @ State Rd 203 nr Baxley, GA205/09/2022-05/09/2022
168 S-7135Bishop Creek @ Ernest Kesler Road nr Baxley, GA205/09/2022-05/09/2022
169 S-7136Tan Trough Creek nr Satilla River in Blackshear, GA205/09/2022-05/09/2022
170 S-7137Broxton Creek at Broxton Hwy nr Broxton, GA105/11/2022-05/11/2022
171 S-7139Trib. to Cherry Creek DS Oak St. Subdivision WPCP103/30/2022-03/30/2022
172 S-7140US 319 Okapilco Creek Bridge106/08/2022-06/08/2022
173 S-7141Mule Creek at Ione Road104/05/2021-04/05/2021
174 S-7142Mule Creek at Woodhaven Rd104/05/2021-04/05/2021
175 S-7143Mule Creek at US Hwy 122104/05/2021-04/05/2021
176 S-7144Okapilco Creek at US Hwy 122204/05/2021-06/22/2021
177 S-7147Tenmile Bay Trib. of Tenmile Creek at N Coffee Rd104/21/2021-04/21/2021
178 S-7201Alapaha River- SR 129 nr Alapaha, GA106/28/2021-06/28/2021
Total Monitoring Events: 333