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Thompson Mill Creek at Thompson Mill Rd [S-7573] is one of 4 sites monitored by Group [ G-3130] Thomas Goff

Site Description: Site is accessible from Oaky Woods WMA from the south or Southland Plantation from the north. This section of Thompson Mill rd is not maintained and requires some walking. Google maps is helpful.

This site has 4 recorded monitoring events.

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       At a glance
Site: Thompson Mill Creek at Thompson Mill Rd [S-7573]
Group: [G-3130] Thomas Goff
Lat, Long: 32.5135 , -83.554
Altitude: 90 meters ( 295 feet )
Watershed: Lower Ocmulgee River Watershed
City: Bonaire, Georgia
County: Houston
Events: 4
First sampled: 03/30/2023
Local Coordinator: