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Buffalo Creek at Hays Mills [S-7384] is one of 1 sites monitored by Group [ G-3040] Girl Scout Troop 50013

Site Description: This portion of the Buffalo Creek is right on the trailhead at Laura's Park at Hays Mills. We are monitoring the section of the creek right below the waterfall.

This site has 1 recorded monitoring events.

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Site: Buffalo Creek at Hays Mills [S-7384]
Group: [G-3040] Girl Scout Troop 50013
Lat, Long: 33.5635 , -85.0925
Altitude: 304 meters ( 997 feet )
Watershed: Upper Tallapoosa Watershed
City: Carrollton, Georgia
County: Carroll
Events: 1
First sampled: 05/01/2022
Local Coordinator: