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Hog Wallow Creek @ Waller Park [S-7244] is one of 2 sites monitored by Group [ G-2973] Sauls About Healthy Waters

Site Description: Beautiful stream in Waller Park with many riffles, runs, and pools. A sewer line runs over it just a little ways upstream of this site; I believe there is also a waste water treatment plant very close by. There is ample tree cover in most of Waller Park to cover the stream and serve as a buffer to the nearby road and residential area. Take the path from Oak St. and follow it until just past the bridge to a stream access point.

This site has 4 recorded monitoring events.

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       At a glance
Site: Hog Wallow Creek @ Waller Park [S-7244]
Group: [G-2973] Sauls About Healthy Waters
Lat, Long: 34.0197 , -84.354
Altitude: 291 meters ( 955 feet )
Watershed: Upper Chattahoochee River Watershed
City: Roswell, Georgia
County: Fulton
Events: 4
First sampled: 08/18/2021
Local Coordinator: