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Red Oak Creek at Covered Bridge [S-5382] is one of 5 sites monitored by Group [ G-2714] Broken Arrow

Site Description: Red Oak Creek at Covered Bridge.

Special Information:Best to access on Covered Bridge Rd, off Ga. Hwy. 85, south of Gay, GA. This bridge was built in the 1840s by freed slave and noted bridge builder Horace King (1807-1885). Constructed on the Town lattice design, the bridge’s web of planks crisscrossing at 45- to 60-degree angles are fastened at each intersection with a total of approximately 2,500 wooden pegs, or trunnels. This is the only surviving King bridge.

This site has 44 recorded monitoring events.

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Site: Red Oak Creek at Covered Bridge [S-5382]
Group: [G-2714] Broken Arrow
Lat, Long: 33.0385 , -84.5525
Altitude: 208 meters ( 682 feet )
Watershed: Upper Flint River Watershed
City: Woodbury, Georgia
County: Meriwether
Events: 44
First sampled: 05/24/2019
Local Coordinator: