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Hyatt Creek at Marble Springs OEA [S-5379] is one of 126 sites monitored by Group [ G-1696] Hiwassee River Watershed Coalition

Site Description: Just below the Airport Rd. bridge on the Marble Springs Outdoor Education Area property. MSOEA is next door to The Oaks Academy (old Marble Springs Elementary).

This site has 39 recorded monitoring events.

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Site: Hyatt Creek at Marble Springs OEA [S-5379]
Group: [G-1696] Hiwassee River Watershed Coalition
Lat, Long: 35.1799 , -83.9197
Altitude: 504 meters ( 1654 feet )
City: Marble, North Carolina
County: Cherokee
Events: 39
First sampled: 06/17/2019
Local Coordinator: