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Brasstown Creek at Misty Creek subdivision [S-5000] is one of 129 sites monitored by Group [ G-1696] Hiwassee River Watershed Coalition

Site Description: Just upstream of the NC line. On Todd Shook Road (Right bank descending). Pull in on the left just before crossing the creek into the subdivision.

This site has 40 recorded monitoring events.

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       At a glance
Site: Brasstown Creek at Misty Creek subdivision [S-5000]
Group: [G-1696] Hiwassee River Watershed Coalition
Lat, Long: 34.984 , -83.8886
Altitude: 522 meters ( 1713 feet )
Watershed: Hiwassee Watershed
City: Young Harris, Georgia
County: Towns
Events: 40
First sampled: 01/25/2018
Local Coordinator: