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Beautiful Eagle Creek [S-3895] is one of 1 sites monitored by Group [ G-2114] Georgia Southern University Freshwater Ecology Lab

Site Description: Beautiful Eagle Creek is a 500-m drainage ditch in the campus of Georgia Southern University. The site is located on the north end of campus and it's surrounded by the football practice facilities and intramural softball fields. Beautiful Eagle Creek drains the northern edge of the Charles H. Herty Pines Nature Preserve and flows northeasterly into Little Lots Creek behind College Plaza.

This site has 42 recorded monitoring events.

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Site: Beautiful Eagle Creek [S-3895]
Group: [G-2114] Georgia Southern University Freshwater Ecology Lab
Lat, Long: 32.4324 , -81.782
Altitude: 62 meters ( 203 feet )
Watershed: Canoochee River Watershed
City: Statesboro, Georgia
County: Bulloch
Events: 42
First sampled: 09/18/2015
Local Coordinator: