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Perkensen [S-3283] is one of 1 sites monitored by Group [ G-1927] ATC Trackers

Site Description: Our site is among residential, commercial and industrial areas. There is a reasonable amount of trash including, beer bottles, tires, soccer balls, and other miscellaneous debris. We also observed small mammal tracks that we believe belong to racoons. On the other side of Casplan street, the creek looks like a pond. We believe this is due to damming by beavers. South of Casplan street, the creek bed looks to have been severely eroded, this could be due to large variations of water levels.

This site has 5 recorded monitoring events.

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Site: Perkensen [S-3283]
Group: [G-1927] ATC Trackers
Lat, Long: 33.7111 , -84.4119
Altitude: 286 meters ( 938 feet )
Watershed: Upper Ocmulgee River Watershed
City: Atlanta, Georgia
County: Fulton
Events: 5
First sampled: 03/20/2014
Local Coordinator: