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Allatoona Creek [S-1003] is one of 3 sites monitored by Group [ G-1133] Belwood

Site Description: Closed canopy, narrow forested (sycamore, ash, maple) stream corridor w/active bank erosion, undercut banks, exposed roots. Surrounded by abandoned farm reverting to bush, young trees & mature privet. At sampling point, stream channel meanders, width is ~25-30 feet, stream itself is ~12 feet. Water depth 4-6 inches, w/pools to 3 feet deep. Stream bottom is cobble/gravel (most stones 2-6 inches diameter) w/much silt. Evidence of major flow events w/debris 8 feet high in trees. Active beavers (cut trees, food caching). Many small fish.

Special Information:The site at which I am monitoring is on Cobb County's Price Property park, which was purchased in 2006 with funds from the first Cobb County Park Bond.

This site has 3 recorded monitoring events.

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       At a glance
Site: Allatoona Creek [S-1003]
Group: [G-1133] Belwood
Lat, Long: 33.9929 , -84.6895
Altitude: 271 meters ( 889 feet )
Watershed: Etowah River Watershed
City: Kennesaw, Georgia
County: Cobb
Events: 3
First sampled: 12/07/2008
Local Coordinator: