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St. Mary's Riverkeeper    
Group ID: G-2395 (AAS)
Date of first monitoring event: 03/09/2017


"Inactive" sites have not had events submitted within the past 365 days. If new events are submitted they will become active.

#Site IDWaterbody NameEventsDatesExcel
1 S-4670St. Marys River, Ft. Clinch State Park2703/09/2017-05/03/2023
2 S-4671St. Marys River, Escambia2904/06/2017-05/03/2023
3 S-4672St. Marys River, Osprey Cove Dock3103/09/2017-04/26/2023
4 S-4673St. Marys River, Nassau Sound1103/09/2017-05/06/2020
5 S-4674St. Marys River, Fernandina Marina2703/09/2017-05/03/2023
6 S-4675St. Marys River, Camp Pinkney Landing3103/25/2017-02/03/2021
7 S-4676St. Marys River, Traders Hill Landing3403/25/2017-05/09/2023
8 S-4677St. Marys River, Macclenny SR1213303/25/2017-08/15/2022
9 S-4678St. Marys River, Boy Scouts Camp3603/25/2017-05/09/2023
10 S-4679St. Marys River, St. George Bell Bridge3503/25/2017-05/09/2023
11 S-4681St. Marys River, Kings Ferry Landing2803/25/2017-02/03/2021
12 S-4682St. Marys River, Egans Creek, Greenway1203/09/2017-05/03/2023
13 S-4683St. Marys River, Egans Creek, N. Atlantic Ave.2803/09/2017-03/01/2023
14 S-4701St. Marys River 14th Street Fernandina FL2403/09/2017-12/04/2020
15 S-4744Lofton Creek, Melton Nelson Boat Ramp803/09/2017-05/03/2023
16 S-4792Egans Bluff Retention Pond108/03/2017-08/03/2017
17 S-4793Egans Lake108/03/2017-08/03/2017
18 S-4794Ocean Ridge Retention Pond108/03/2017-08/03/2017
19 S-4795Ocean Ridge Retention Pond0-
20 S-4796Ocean Ridge Retention Pond0-
21 S-4797Ocean Ridge Retention Pond0-
22 S-5013North River at Meeting Street2602/07/2018-05/03/2023
23 S-5014St. Marys River at Wheeler Street2302/07/2018-05/03/2023
24 S-5015Borrell Creek, Dark Entry Creek2602/07/2018-05/03/2023
25 S-5016Turkey Creek, Macclenny at 6th street2502/07/2018-05/09/2023
26 S-5020Horsepen Creek4612/29/2017-05/03/2023
27 S-5021Horsepen Creek site 24512/29/2017-05/03/2023
28 S-5022Horsepen Creek site 34312/29/2017-02/03/2021
29 S-5023Horsepen Creek site 44312/29/2017-02/03/2021
30 S-5024Horsepen Creek site 54501/04/2018-04/26/2023
31 S-5025Horsepen Creek Site 5B0-
32 S-5026St. Marys River (Browntown site 6)4101/04/2018-02/03/2021
33 S-5171St. Marys River at Highway 17 Blue Bridge2704/04/2018-04/26/2023
34 S-5175Turkey Creek Macclenny 2105/02/2018-05/02/2018
35 S-6778Nassau River at 17605/06/2020-12/04/2020
36 S-6779Nassau River Holly Point2201/02/2019-05/03/2023
37 S-6780Nassau River Goffinsville Park2101/02/2019-05/03/2023
38 S-6781St Marys River Temple Landing4412/29/2017-05/03/2023
39 S-6782St Marys River at White Oak1701/02/2019-11/04/2020
40 S-6783Amelia River Green Buoy 12601/02/2019-05/03/2023
41 S-6784Jackson Creek Entrance2301/02/2019-05/03/2023
42 S-6785Kingsley Creek Entrance2301/02/2019-05/03/2023
43 S-6786Bells River Entrance2101/02/2019-05/03/2023
44 S-6787Beech Creek Entrance2301/02/2019-05/03/2023
45 S-6788Jolly River Entrance2301/02/2019-05/03/2023
46 S-6789Amelia River Entrance2001/02/2019-05/03/2023
47 S-6790Egans Creek Mouth2201/02/2019-05/03/2023
48 S-6791Escambia Slough Mouth206/03/2020-07/01/2020
49 S-6792Little St Marys River2004/03/2019-04/26/2023
50 S-6793Catfish Creek2004/03/2019-04/26/2023
51 S-6814Upper Sister Creek806/03/2020-11/04/2020
52 S-6823Amelia River Living Shoreline1006/03/2020-05/03/2023
53 S-6824Boone Creek912/04/2019-02/14/2023
54 S-6825Boone Creek301/06/2021-05/09/2023
55 S-6874South Prong St Marys River at 121510/07/2020-05/16/2022
56 S-6875Harrietts Bluff Receiving Stream906/05/2020-05/03/2023
57 S-6876Harrietts Bluff County Drain, Crooked River806/05/2020-02/05/2021
58 S-6877Escambia Slough at Escambia Street901/03/2020-03/01/2023
59 S-6878Escambia Slough/ Alligator Creek at 8th Street811/04/2020-05/03/2023
60 S-4624St. Marys River0-
Total Monitoring Events: 1190