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WWALS_Watershed Coalition    
Group ID: G-1727 (AAS)
Date of first monitoring event: 01/06/2019


"Inactive" sites have not had events submitted within the past 365 days. If new events are submitted they will become active.

#Site IDWaterbody NameEventsDatesExcel
1 S-3641Boat Ramp at 82 Bridge209/27/2014-09/10/2016
2 S-4297Hwy 168 boat ramp on Alapaha River109/12/2020-09/12/2020
3 S-4769Alapaha River boat ramp-Lakeland409/10/2017-10/12/2019
4 S-4972Withlacoochee River110/14/2017-10/14/2017
5 S-5509Troupville Boat Ramp @ LIttle River101/06/2019-10/10/2020
6 S-6566Withlacoochee River - Nankin Boat Ramp111/16/2019-09/10/2020
7 S-6567Withlacoochee River - Knights Ferry Boat Ramp311/24/2019-09/10/2020
8 S-6821Two Mile Branch near Gornto Rd108/29/2020-08/29/2020
9 S-3859Willacoochee Landing - Hwy 135 bridge across Alapaha River0-
10 S-4961Sheboggy Boat Ramp303/09/2015-09/09/2018
11 S-5507One Mile Branch at Drexel Park Bridge203/10/2019-09/14/2019
12 S-5508One Mile Branch near east end of Drexel Park106/24/2019-06/24/2019
13 S-5510North Valdosta Road (US41) @ Withlacoochee River108/22/2019-08/22/2019
14 S-5511Langdale Park - Withlacoochee River108/22/2019-08/22/2019
15 S-5512One Mile Branch near Lee Street0-
16 S-5513One Mile Branch at Wainright Drive202/10/2019-06/02/2020
17 S-6564Alapaha River at Naylor Park Beach1011/29/2019-08/08/2020
18 S-6581Mud Swamp Creek - Madison Highway near Airport0-
19 S-6582Redland Creek (Ousley Road)112/08/2019-12/08/2019
20 S-6591Sugar Creek (tributary of Withlacoochee) at Lankford Circle112/12/2019-12/12/2019
21 S-6592Sugar Creek (tributary of Withlacoochee) at Baytree Road212/12/2019-01/15/2020
22 S-6593Withlacoochee River at GA 133 (from the bridge)412/17/2019-01/15/2020
23 S-6594Withlacoochee River at State Line Boat Ramp (GA 31)2712/11/2019-09/10/2020
24 S-6602Withlacoochee River at Hagan Bridge, GA-122112/27/2019-12/27/2019
25 S-6603Withlacoochee River, US 84 Bridge1012/27/2019-08/16/2020
26 S-6604Withlacoochee River, Spook Bridge, Old Quitman Highway312/21/2019-01/15/2020
27 S-6605Little River Confluence with Withlacoochee River312/21/2019-01/30/2020
28 S-6633Little River at Highway 76 Bridge1001/02/2020-08/16/2020
29 S-6643Okapilco Creek @ Hwy 84 Bridge912/31/2019-08/16/2020
30 S-6682Alapaha River at Statenville Boat Ramp602/05/2020-04/28/2020
31 S-6683Little River at GA 37 (Moultrie Adel Road)802/03/2020-04/29/2020
32 S-6699Bland Pond - near Spring Branch502/12/2020-04/27/2020
33 S-6700Spring Branch near the top of the branch502/12/2020-04/27/2020
34 S-6701Unnamed pond near Evergreen Landfill on Spring Branch Feeder102/15/2020-02/15/2020
35 S-6702Spring Branch about midway to Withlacoochee102/15/2020-02/15/2020
36 S-6703Withlacoochee at Spring Branch102/15/2020-02/15/2020
37 S-6711Suwannee River @ Running Springs0-
38 S-6712Piscola Creek @ Old Madison Road0-
39 S-6713Crooked Creek @ US 840-
40 S-6714Crooked Creek @ Devane Road902/19/2020-08/16/2020
41 S-6730Crooked Creek @ Monument Church Road103/07/2020-03/07/2020
42 S-6731Clyatt Mill Creek @ Clyattville-Nankin Road102/22/2020-02/22/2020
43 S-6748One Mile Branch @ VSU PE Complex106/02/2020-06/02/2020
44 S-6754Alapaha River at Howell Road (Mayday)306/22/2020-07/15/2020
45 S-6755Alapaha River at Sasser Landing (NW County Road 150)206/20/2020-07/18/2020
46 S-6828Suwannee River at Fowlers Bluff Boat Ramp (Chiefland, FL)109/05/2020-09/05/2020
47 S-6842Suwannee River @ Joe Anderson Boat Ramp0-
48 S-6843Suwannee River at Manatee Springs State Park @ Kayak Launch0-
Total Monitoring Events: 150