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Altamaha Riverkeeper    
Group ID: G-222 (AAS)
Date of first monitoring event: 06/22/2013


"Inactive" sites have not had events submitted within the past 365 days. If new events are submitted they will become active.

#Site IDWaterbody NameEventsDatesExcel
1 S-1587Ocmulgee River Boat Ramp Knowles Landing010/02/2010-10/02/2010
2 S-2915JOHNSTON STATION LANDING806/22/2013-08/13/2022
3 S-7343Sapelo River at Pine Harbor2401/06/2022-04/04/2022
4 S-7380Cathead Creek at Cox Rd access204/20/2022-04/20/2022
5 S-7381Cathead Creek (at McClendon Creek)304/20/2022-09/04/2022
6 S-7382Darien Waterfront204/20/2022-06/02/2022
7 S-7383Cathead Creek at 95/Darien WW discharge806/02/2022-03/08/2023
8 S-7389Ohoopee River at Jarriels Landing (127)205/12/2022-05/12/2022
9 S-7390Ohoopee River at Hwy 292205/12/2022-05/12/2022
10 S-7391Ohoopee River at Hwy 280 & Hill Ln105/12/2022-05/12/2022
11 S-7392Ohoopee River at Toler Rd (464)305/12/2022-06/27/2024
12 S-7393Altamaha River at Deens Landing205/19/2022-05/25/2023
13 S-7394Altamaha River at Easons Bluff Landing105/19/2022-05/19/2022
14 S-7403Ocmulgee River, Lumber City at 341105/26/2022-05/26/2022
15 S-7404Ocmulgee at confluence105/25/2022-05/25/2022
16 S-7405Altamaha at 3Rivers Outdoors105/26/2022-05/26/2022
17 S-7419Altamaha River at Rayonier106/27/2022-06/27/2022
18 S-7420Altamaha River at Oglethorpe (Pig Farm) Landing606/27/2022-04/27/2024
19 S-7421Altamaha River at Upper Wayne Co Landing106/27/2022-06/27/2022
20 S-7448Altamaha River at Jaycee Landing608/13/2022-04/27/2024
21 S-7449Paradise Park108/13/2022-08/13/2022
22 S-7450Morgan Lake WMA508/13/2022-04/27/2024
23 S-7451Penholoway Swamp WMA108/13/2022-08/13/2022
24 S-7456South Newport River at Hwy 17208/25/2022-08/30/2022
25 S-7469Altamaha Regional Park508/27/2022-04/09/2024
26 S-7471Belville Creek/Young Swamp108/30/2022-08/30/2022
27 S-7472Sapelo River at Hwy 17108/30/2022-08/30/2022
28 S-7476Cathead Creek upstream of WW pipe409/04/2022-03/08/2023
29 S-7477Two-Way Marina (Mudcat Charlies)0-
30 S-7515Sidney Lanier Ramp Liberty Ship Park411/03/2022-03/14/2023
31 S-7520Frederica River at St Simons Marina2211/11/2022-06/16/2024
32 S-7544Homer Wilson Way East River401/16/2023-04/19/2023
33 S-7545Homer Wilson Way west side302/22/2023-04/19/2023
34 S-7548Cathead Creek downstream of WW pipe302/07/2023-03/09/2023
35 S-7615Altamaha River at Towns Bluff105/25/2023-05/25/2023
36 S-7817Butler Island kayak launch402/21/2024-05/24/2024
37 S-7830Cathead Creek at 2nd St Darien403/07/2024-06/14/2024
38 S-7853Brazell Creek Jack Hill State Park105/16/2024-05/16/2024
39 S-7861Brazell Creek at Hwy 280205/16/2024-06/27/2024
Total Monitoring Events: 123