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#Site IDWaterbody NameEventsDatesExcel
1 S-2862Pennahatchee Creek_11812/15/2010-01/21/2015
2 S-2863Pennahatchee Creek_21812/15/2010-01/21/2015
3 S-2864Pennahatchee Creek_32012/15/2010-01/21/2015
4 S-2865Sandy Mount Creek_42212/15/2010-01/21/2015
5 S-2866Pennahatchee Creek_52112/15/2010-01/21/2015
6 S-2867Pennahatchee Creek_62112/15/2010-01/21/2015
7 S-2868Pennahatchee Creek_A1408/09/2011-01/21/2015
8 S-2869Pennahatchee Creek_B1408/09/2011-01/21/2015
9 S-3062Pataula Creek_11507/30/2013-12/21/2017
10 S-3063Pataula Creek_21507/30/2013-12/21/2017
11 S-3064Pataula Creek_31507/30/2013-12/21/2017
12 S-3065Pataula Creek_41507/30/2013-12/21/2017
13 S-3066Pataula Creek_53507/13/2011-12/19/2019
14 S-3067Pataula Creek_64007/13/2011-12/19/2019
15 S-3068Hodchodkee Creek_73407/13/2011-12/19/2019
16 S-3069Hodchodkee Creek_83207/13/2011-12/19/2019
17 S-3070Pataula Creek_93307/13/2011-12/19/2019
18 S-3071Pataula Creek_101507/13/2011-06/18/2014
19 S-3785Lanahassee Creek West Fork1405/13/2015-03/25/2019
20 S-3786Lanahassee Creek West Fork1505/13/2015-03/25/2019
21 S-3787Lanahassee Creek1405/13/2015-03/25/2019
22 S-3788Lanahassee Creek1405/13/2015-03/25/2019
23 S-3789Lanahassee Creek1405/13/2015-03/25/2019
24 S-3790Kinchafoonee1405/13/2015-03/25/2019
25 S-3791Clear Creek1205/13/2015-03/25/2019
26 S-3792Kinchafoonee Creek1505/13/2015-03/25/2019
27 S-5232Blue John Creek at Edgewood Avenue1210/29/2018-09/19/2019
28 S-5233Park Branch at Forrest Avenue1210/29/2018-09/19/2019
29 S-5234Tanyard Creek at Lukken Industrial Drive1210/29/2018-09/19/2019
30 S-5235Blue John Creek at Orchard Hill Road1310/29/2018-09/19/2019
31 S-5236Long Cane Creek at Hamilton Road/U.S. Hwy 271210/29/2018-09/19/2019
32 S-5237Long Cane Creek at Whitesville Road/State Route 2191210/29/2018-09/19/2019
33 S-5238Long Cane Creek at Cannonville Road1310/29/2018-09/19/2019
34 S-5239Long Cane Creek at Gabbettville Road1210/29/2018-09/19/2019
35 S-5240Long Cane Creek at Webb Road1210/29/2018-09/19/2019
36 S-5241Long Cane Creek at Old West Point Road1210/29/2018-09/19/2019
37 S-5242Panther Creek at John Lovelace Road1210/29/2018-09/19/2019
38 S-5270Mountain Creek at Hamilton Pleasant Grove Rd2412/13/2018-11/23/2020
39 S-5271Mountain Oak Creek at Highway 2192512/13/2018-11/23/2020
40 S-5272Little Creek at Highway 1032412/13/2018-11/23/2020
41 S-5273Mountain Oak Creek at Highway 1032512/13/2018-11/23/2020
Total Monitoring Events: 741