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Leita Park Stream near Bridge 2 [S-7406] is one of 1 sites monitored by Group [ G-3050] Leita Thompson Park

Site Description: Small stream on the northern side of Leita Park near Bridge 2, near the Mountain Park Elementary Trailhead. Site is just before crossing the bridge and heading into main body of the park.

This site has 6 recorded monitoring events.

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       At a glance
Site: Leita Park Stream near Bridge 2 [S-7406]
Group: [G-3050] Leita Thompson Park
Lat, Long: 34.0692 , -84.404
Altitude: 297 meters ( 974 feet )
Watershed: Etowah River Watershed
City: Roswell, Georgia
County: Fulton
Events: 6
First sampled: 06/30/2022
Local Coordinator: