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Lake behind Johns Creek City Hall [S-6569] is one of 1 sites monitored by Group [ G-2796] JC Linear Park Lake

Site Description: The lake is located right behind the New City Hall in Johns Creek. It is fed by natural creek and serving as storm water retention pond with an earth dam.

Special Information:As part of City of Johns Creek new Linear Park, the lake will be partially drained in 2020 and turned into an amenity lake. The monitoring of this lake is critical.

This site has 3 recorded monitoring events.

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       At a glance
Site: Lake behind Johns Creek City Hall [S-6569]
Group: [G-2796] JC Linear Park Lake
Lat, Long: 34.0612 , -84.1701
Altitude: 334 meters ( 1096 feet )
Watershed: Upper Chattahoochee River Watershed
City: Duluth, Georgia
County: Fulton
Events: 3
First sampled: 11/30/2019
Local Coordinator: