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Looe Key Reef [S-5105] is one of 8 sites monitored by Group [ G-2583] BSA Florida Sea Base - Marine STEM

Site Description: South East of this entered site information, is Looe Key Reef in Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary. The water sampling done for this site is performed along the reef that stretches as far east as lat 24.546957, lon -81.399751 and as far west as lat 24.544599, lon -81.410753.

This site has 25 recorded monitoring events.

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Site: Looe Key Reef [S-5105]
Group: [G-2583] BSA Florida Sea Base - Marine STEM
Lat, Long: 24.6103 , -81.4692
Altitude: -1 meters ( -3 feet )
City: Summerland Key, Florida
County: Monroe
Events: 25
First sampled: 06/18/2018
Local Coordinator: