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Haneys Creek [S-3965] is one of 1 sites monitored by Group [ G-2152] Virginia L. Heard Elementary

Site Description: Neighborhood drainage canal in the Kensington Park Neighborhood, behind heard Elementary. Water flow consistently year-round, and supports an ecosystem consisting of larvae, muscles, crayfish, mosquitofish,including visiting waterfowl, snakes, turtles, etc. Street runoff drains directly into the canal through various culverts.

Special Information:Data reporting led by Elementary Science Lab Instructor and a variable cohort of 9-11 year-old students.

This site has 38 recorded monitoring events.

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       At a glance
Site: Haneys Creek [S-3965]
Group: [G-2152] Virginia L. Heard Elementary
Lat, Long: 32.0185 , -81.1044
Altitude: 3 meters ( 10 feet )
Watershed: Ogeechee Coastal Watershed
City: Savannah, Georgia
County: Chatham
Events: 38
First sampled: 11/20/2015
Local Coordinator: