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J.F. Gregory Park Wetlands [S-3232] is one of 1 sites monitored by Group [ G-1914] RHMS2

Site Description: The JF Gregory Wetlands trail has a number of man-made canals that drain into the Ogeechee River below King's Ferry. The southwestern canals are adjacent to several subdivisions that are potential sources of run-off. Monitoring will take place from the small bridge located in the NW corner of the wetlands as there is parking immediately adjacent. Later, we may begin monitoring the easternmost confluence of the two main canals which meet a few hundred yards from the Ogeechee River.

This site has 38 recorded monitoring events.

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Site: J.F. Gregory Park Wetlands [S-3232]
Group: [G-1914] RHMS2
Lat, Long: 31.957 , -81.3056
Altitude: 1 meters ( 3 feet )
Watershed: Lower Ogeechee Watershed
City: Richmond Hill, Georgia
County: Bryan
Events: 38
First sampled: 03/14/2014
Local Coordinator: