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Deer Creek [S-2376] is one of 11 sites monitored by Group [ G-1214] Chattahoochee Hills Creek Keepers

Site Description: A very deeply incised channel and sinuous. Overhead cover is greater than 80% even in the winter. Small, first order stream, tributary of Cedar Creek. Headwaters of stream run behind residences and through several properties after the Reids.

Special Information:This site is located on the property of Karen and John Reid at 8390 Hearn Road. An intermittent stream, we chose a site location downstream a ways from its headwaters to sample (and near a spot they use for sitting).

This site has 10 recorded monitoring events.

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Site: Deer Creek [S-2376]
Group: [G-1214] Chattahoochee Hills Creek Keepers
Lat, Long: 33.5296 , -84.7154
Altitude: 276 meters ( 906 feet )
Watershed: Upper Middle Chattahoochee River Watershed
City: Palmetto, Georgia
County: Fulton
Events: 10
First sampled: 12/04/2011
Local Coordinator: