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Crossroads Stream [S-1220] is one of 14 sites monitored by Group [ G-578] Stone Mountain Park Education Department

Site Description: Small stream originating from 3 drainage ditches.One side is semi wooded and the other is disturbed soil with planted grass. Water is predominantly run-off from Stone Mountain.

Special Information:Stream has two large parking lots on either side. Bathrooms and pavillions are 200ft from sample site. Stream runs through one of the most traveled areas of Stone Mountain Park.

This site has 134 recorded monitoring events.

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       At a glance
Site: Crossroads Stream [S-1220]
Group: [G-578] Stone Mountain Park Education Department
Lat, Long: 33.8124 , -84.1479
Altitude: 273 meters ( 896 feet )
Watershed: Upper Ocmulgee River Watershed
City: Stone Mountain, Georgia
County: DeKalb
Events: 134
First sampled: 04/30/2009
Local Coordinator: